We Use Technology And Automation To Save You Time And Money

Shiloh Ridge helps businesses utilize information technology to increase customer satisfaction, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

We specialize in taking your existing processes and improving them through the use of automation and advanced technology.

We will do whatever makes sense for your business – which might be as simple as improving your process flows and retraining your workers. Or it could involve revamping and improving current information systems or designing, developing and deploying a whole new IT architecture.

What we will not do is force you to take a one size fits all cookie cutter solution – we strive to work together with our clients to accomplish their goals in the manner which makes the most sense.

Broad Experience – Deep Subject Matter Knowledge

The consultants of Shiloh Ridge have decades of IT experience. We have worked with and for Fortune 500 companies as well as start ups and mid-sized businesses. We have the experience and expertise to understand your existing IT systems and processes, and can enhance those if that is what is best for your business.

Satisfied Customers

We strive to please our clients at every stage of our process. We develop in an Agile fashion – implementing incremental value-added changes rapidly. We fully document all of work – whether it be a new process flow, network architecture, or software or database functionality. We do not come in and force new systems on clients where it is not to their advantage to do so. We make it so clients only use us for system maintenance if they want to – not because they must do so due to arcane, confusing, or undocumented system and process design.