About Us

  • Who We Are?

    Who We Are?

    AWESOME-MOLD was established in 2003 and specializes in developing plastic molds and molding products. With a group of senior engineers and very experienced tool makers, we are capable of independently designing and manufacturing all kinds of plastic injection molds including Pipe molds, Insert molds, 2K & 3K molds, Overmolds and Die-casting molds etc. We always adhere to the principle of “Customer First; Quality First”. 


  • Company Culture

    Company Culture

    Culture is the lifeline of a company’s development. AWESOME-MOLD focuses a lot on the construction of company culture and subtly influences our employees on company’s value and principle. Thus, we build a team with high cohesiveness and loyalty. In fact, it’s all “ASWSOME-MOLD” people's strong working enthusiasm and creativity that provide endless driving force for the company’s development. 


  • Our Services

    Our Services

    With an unparalleled commitment to our quality and service, all your molds will be shipped with high quality and punctual time. Our 185 experienced staff and our state-of-the-art equipments, no matter your projects is complex or high-demanded, we can ensure it will be manufactured high-quality and cost-effectively. We are confident that our quality products and sincere services will raise your businesses to new heights.


Why Choose Us?

We have enough confidence to create more profits for customers by good products and reasonable prices. You choose not only us, but also reliable partner.
  • Strong Design Team

    Strong Design Team

    Title             Num.   Exper. Language
    Product designer   3         6Y         English
    Mold desinger       16       15Y        English
    Project Engineer    4         8Y         English

                                                                  Software: AutoCAD 2004&2007, Pro-E 2.0, Cro-E, UG4.0&7.0, Soildwork, Moldflow2012 etc.
                                                                  Mold type: Hot runner molds,Pipe Molds,Thin wall and thick wall molds,Insert molds,Over molds,2K & 3K molds    


  • High-Precision Tooling Machines

    High-Precision Tooling Machines

    Machine       Toler.    Qty    Brand
    Mirror EMD       ± 0.005    1    CHARMILLES 
    Mirror EMD       ± 0.005    1    Mitsubishi
    CNC                 ± 0.005    6    MAKINO
    Slow Wire-Cut ± 0.005    2    Mitsubishi



  • Precision Inspection Equipment

    Precision Inspection Equipment

    Machine     Toler.     Qty  Brand
           CMM         ± 0.005    1   Jinan Rende
           CMM         ± 0.005    2   Hexagon
           Projector  ± 0.005    1   Hexagon



  • Advanced Molding Center

    Advanced Molding Center

    Machine            Type         Qty  Brand
    1K molding press   50T~280T    25    TOYO
    2K molding press   200T~250T  16    TOYO

Mold Construction Step

  • RFQ


    Our services start from RFQ. We can provide our customers with DFM analysis containing parts' issue and mold structures, Moldflow analysis together if necessary with quotations within 2 days. 



  • Design


    The high-quality mold begins with high-quality design. Our AWESOME-MOLD has 16 mold designers and 3 product designers. We can finish the DFM analysis and Moldflow analysis within 2~3 days after receiving your final data and requests on the products. 


  • Building


    "Customer First, Quality First” is our principle. Since our company was set up, we have established very long term reliable cooperation relationships with all world-famous brands including LKM, YUDO, Hasco, DME,


  • Trial


    To ensure trial can be run smoothly, our toolmakers and project engineers will check all details including products' feature, mold components, injection system , ejection system and cooling system etc before trail.


  • Molding


    AWESOME-MOLD supports our customers not only limited in injection mold tooling, but also providing injection molding services. No matter you are looking for low-volume and short run molding services, or high-volume molding services. We can fully meet your needs!


  • Shipping


    In AWESOME-MOLD, all of our products are shipped only when 100% qualified. Before shipping, we will check all components again, re-install the molds and take the final trial to ensure everything is 100% qualified.



Customer Comments

  • 客户评价6

    It is really a joyful thing to work with you guys, you are the most communicative and quick-response one. You can always give us right answers as soon as we turn on the computer.

  • 客户评价5

    Thank you very much for your perfect job all the way, please keep doing it well again. We are looking forward to your excellence. Thank you very much.

  • 客户评价4

    It is really really great pleasure to work with you .Your company is the most flexible, responsible and always give us very strong technical supports,! you are reliable!!! Please kindly convey my thanks to your boss for his quick solutions on our project. Our customer like the moulds very much. He told me there are some new projects for us soon. We will get back you as soon as any good news! Thank you.

  • 客户评价3

    Thanks a lot for your excellent communications. It is very clear that we can totally understand all. This makes our job much easier. Your analysis on mould structure and suggestions really saved a lot of time and money for us. Thank you very much.


  • 客户评价2

    We would like to choose no one, except you. You can always meet our requests and make our customers trust on our quality and on time delivery. Thank you very much for your always strong supports. We will come back to you with new projects this week, please hold on. Thanks.

  • 客户评价1

    To me ,you are the best!

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