Tal took off his socks.

My opinion was irrelevant.

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You're not going to eat.

I know internally that it is a children's song that express that life is only a dream.

This is the way he learned English.

I got a lot out of that book I read.

I'd like to see the budget.

That movie isn't as interesting as the original.

What are Dewey's hobbies?

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It will begin snowing before long.

I have a feeling you'll like this restaurant.

The population of the country is roughly estimated at 50,000,000.

The doctors thought he was dead, but today he is still alive and healthy, and has a job and a family.

There are many fruit trees in this garden.

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Fred wrote his mother a long letter.

Let me borrow that.

That'll take time.


We are worried about where he is now.

I never thought it would be so easy.

Meg looks pleased with her new dress.

Having lost my job I became one of the unwaged.

This robot can hold an egg without breaking it.

We had to sell the building because for years we had operated it at a loss.

I wonder what it tastes like.

The meat was very tough.

I'm familiar with the way he asks questions.

I'm supposed to wait for them.

Lin had trouble accepting Vic's love.


The house deprived us of light.

Even your mother doesn't know who your father is.

Edith, there are people who think that you murdered these women.

Rudy is going to crash here for a while.

There is a good chance of him having a girlfriend.

The green water is not suitable for drinking.

He was sitting next to me.


I don't know where Toby was going.

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Piete was wondering what it was that dragged her so, towards the end of all sentences and thought: "Come to me, Dewey!"

She helped him get over his bad mood.

As we drink, we open up to each other.

Dan invited Linda to have a drink with him.

I'll speak to him alone.

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She broke both her arms.

Man is a product of his circumstances.

The letter was correctly addressed.


There's a special place in hell for people who eat in movie theaters.

They haven't given up at all.

What needs to be done?

It's never too late to learn.

The tryouts appeared easy.


He presented me with a bouquet of flowers.

The original qipao covered most of a woman's body, revealing only the head, the hands and the tips of the toes, in order to conceal the figure of the wearer regardless of her age.

We used to live here.

Tell a beautiful story to my young friend.

Cathy was late for the bus.

Tareq took the seat across from Rajesh.

Don't turn around.

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Niall is just an average-looking guy.


I knew that Malloy knew Blayne.


The old man was almost hit by a car.

"Automobile" is a hybrid word.

I'll wait another five minutes.

Since I don't have a job, I can't save money.

I realized something about American children.

Roxie asked Takayuki to carry her suitcase.

That black bird is not a blackbird.

He is capable as a lawyer.

Someone made a mistake.


My luggage has been damaged.

I had gone some distance before I missed my wallet.

We need help immediately.


I'm supposed to be in my office right now.

I prefer to take medicine rather than getting a shot.

Uri is very driven, isn't he?

I just talked to her.

Joni is too young to do that.


Sho used to date my daughter.

The cup is full.

Please don't say anything.

Mat talked to Boyce yesterday.

You add short examples.

Elisabeth mocked Joseph for her failure.

Audrey walked down the hall with Anita.


Written on the blackboard was my name.

He decided to put off his departure.

Adrian read Elwood's future in her magic crystal ball.

One of these eggs hasn't hatched yet.

During the second glass, he became talkative.

I went to talk to him.

You have no good reason for thinking as you do.

We're concerned about her.

You'll lose.


Kiki slept on the train.

She is Italian.

I think Glynn found a new job.

It's Tatoeba.

Could you give me your name?

What are Reid's hobbies?

I never really understood what happened.


What did you need this for?


Suzanne was talking to me.


I will get even with you for this.

Dogs like squeaky toys.

Feel free to comment on any point made here.


Wolf returned from a week in Boston.

Why not just tell us what it is you want to do?

He is reading a book. Let's leave him alone.

You had better do your homework at once.

She got up late.

Thomas should know this.

I can't believe you just let Steen go.

He still believes her words.

The slipped and nearly fell.

We need to tell her what to do.

She always seems to be nervous, but at least she's relaxed when she eats.

David has so many friends that he can't remember all their names.

He probably won't go on the picnic tomorrow. I won't either.

He crossed the river.

I didn't know how to tell Erwin I didn't want to go.

There must be some misunderstanding between us.

Please help me in the kitchen.

Such conduct does not beseem you.

Should we change the flag?

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She called me at an unearthly hour last night.


The firm is under foreign management.

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They remained good friends.


Tony knows the police suspect him.

Please give this to Niall.

While I was dreaming, a woman in a white robe appeared to me.

My mind could not believe what my eyes were seeing.

We could still have breakfast together.

A car hit her.

I've decided to stay in Boston for a few more days.


I'll keep my eyes shut.


Don't say 'but' to my suggestion.

She has done us many kindnesses.

A drop of sweat ran down Neville's face.


Let's invite some friends over for dinner.

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Eat all your spinach!

His martial arts prowess has already reached a level of sublime perfection.

Hui is richer than you might think.

Jisheng has no sick pay, no paid vacation and no paid overtime.

I feel like I've known Sangho forever.

Luis didn't expect that answer.

One potential problem is that Judge can't speak French very well.

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Are you planning to help her?

He's rich, but he's not happy.

This material isn't suited towards making western clothing.

He has lost his wits.

What Will has told you is true.


Let's keep an eye on that.


I was hoping we could get to know each other better.

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I should have brought my umbrella. Large raindrops are starting to fall.

Pim is obsessed with appearing perfect all the time.

The rabbit is eating a carrot.

Bernie will know what to do.

Malaclypse was ready.

Don't go in the kitchen!

Do you want to be near Heinz?

Ted needs open heart surgery.

There's a lot to be told.


These animals are friendly.


Maybe Brad would be happier somewhere else.

How did this even happen?

It is not as a child that I believe and confess Jesus Christ. My hosanna is born of a furnace of doubt.