Everybody wants to be loved.

He gave them a lift to the town.

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I bought her some drinks.


Ulster has the fewest losses of any boxer in the league.

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Mom and Dad went to a party.

Rupert should've known that we'd be here today.

They stated that it was a flagrant violation of international law.

What do we need this for?

I wish you hadn't seen that.

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Do you plan on taking part in the interview?

Jon heard a voice.

I know about you and Elwood.

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Do you travel a lot?

I just got my textbooks for this semester.

We let fate decide.

I made my son a doctor.

We've been waiting for them.


It left at two, reaching Rome at four.

Beth sounded mad.

He's different from how I imagined him.

I'm sorry, but we cannot meet your requirements.

The merger was implemented on a 50-50 ratio.

Cell phones are convenient, but I want them to be used responsibly.

We see a lot of cars on the street.

The hooker is old.

Take a look at this report.

Norman and Shamim are disappointed in their son.

He is curious about how she will receive the news.

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The castle, burnt down in 1485, was not rebuilt.

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Friends should be helped.

Mars is half the size of Earth.

Please get your facts straight.

Hey, look at that girl with her arms folded.

This is your apartment.


Laura is lying face down on the bed.

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Jane went to the bank to take out some money.

We should've been more focused.

What's happened to your eye?


To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail.

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Isaac loved it in Boston.

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I wrote that for Daryl.


We reached the station on time.

I plan to stay in Boston for three days.

The news that she died is false.


He's got wood.

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Rebecca opened the door and went inside.

Who could ask for anything more?

It's about one month.

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Does Brent often eat dinner at your house?

Please tell me what your opinion is.

Andy opened the box.

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Please look again.

Merril suggested that I accompany Wade to the party.

I don't want any help.

As far as Bob is concerned, anything goes. By contrast, Jane is very cautious.

We're not family.

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Why do you need a comb if you're bald?

Tell him that I'm fine.

There are some unclear points in his account.


He ran onto the field.

Spass went up to the bar and ordered a drink.

If World War III is fought with nuclear weapons, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

Tell me what you told him.

Ross took a shortcut through a dark alley.


I found the earring that you lost.

I'm not going to do that unless you help me.

The town gave birth to many men of note.

Were you sleeping?

At the most, he earns 50 dollars a week.

Tell me what I must do.

I was caught in a shower and was drenched to the skin.

We agreed to his suggestions.

Come on, admit it.

He's a lone wolf.

After hugging Vice, Ken picked up her suitcase and left.

Everybody here knows Byron.

There are four main causes of alcohol-related death. Injury from car accidents or violence is one. Diseases like cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, heart and blood system diseases are the others.

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That's so true.

I have an important message for Ramon.

I'm sorry, I forgot my homework at home.

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You and I are going to have a lot of fun this afternoon.

What'll you give Pete?

That dress matches her red hair.

It sounds terribly complicated.

We'll follow you.

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The only one who can solve this problem is you.

I'm currently a teacher at this school.

We sowed our field with barley.

But that's impossible, professor.

Do you think there's a chance?


It will be a long night.

Are you going to tell me how to do this or not?

Nothing is as it used to be.

When I tried to speak to her, I was always too nervous to do more than stammer or say something stupid.

If it rains tomorrow, the tour will be cancelled.

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There were lots of them.

Guess what I did last night.

The chances of our team winning are fifty-fifty.

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I'd like to thank you for helping me translate the report into French.

Can you get it?

I'm stubborn.


Jagath finished everything on his plate.

Alkalis neutralize acids.

Sharada and Jean-Pierre carved pumpkins.


Thanks for this, Floria.

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Did you have fun with him?

That would be amazing.

Krzysztof told me how busy you were.

The airplane skimmed the ground before it crashed.

Pick that up.

He's the pest that, on last month's class-help day, escaped leaving me with all the work.

Some of us had things to do.


Why did you kill them?

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Tux is an Antarctic bird.

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All those things are true.

Irfan looked around, but didn't see anyone.

Our English teacher is at once strict and kind.

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The 2016 World Chess Championship is being held in New York City, from Nov. 11 to Nov. 30.


I don't think we're going to make it.

I picked up a few things for our party.

Nicholas fed his horse.

Nobody's killed me yet.

Please, tell him for once.

He was demoted to the rank of lieutenant.

May she return home safely.


I doubt if he'll come to school today.

I forgot that the daily rate included breakfast.

Did you get good marks?

He is left out of everything.

Gunnar has been trying to reach you.

She forced me to do it.

Any input would be appreciated!

Let's fire them.

I feel as if I were dreaming.

They decorated the tree with stars and ornaments.

Your efforts will be rewarded in the long run.

We had strict rules.

Tanaka never really thought about those kinds of things.

There are many videos on YouTube of people doing stupid things.

That country is about twice as large as Japan.

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Maybe we can talk.

Can you find her for me?

We have snow in January.

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We had a short vacation in February.

You have forgotten your change.

I know a place we can get some money.

I guess it's too late to say no.

The snail, much against her usual habit, began to run like a lizard under the summer sun.

There's a lot of tension among the siblings.

I have a dictionary in my hand.

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This job is not for any person in the battery.

The day she started for Paris was rainy.

Faith makes all things possible.... love makes all things easy.

It's a snowy day.

Shouldn't we wait for her?

I am uneasy about the future of this country.

Each of us should plant a tree.

Russia is huge.

Her watch is ten minutes slow.

I know your older brother quite well.

I've got to find him.