Men are crazy about her.

They're going to operate on Tareq.


Mr Brown has a magical way with children.

I was supposed to do that yesterday.

How did you arrive? - By foot.

Elwood thought that Elizabeth was happy.

I never spend a day without thinking of you.


You must make good use of money.

Don't let them do that again.

It's still better than nothing.

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She served us a good meal.

There is a lady downstairs who wants to speak to you.

You're going to win today.

They're all waiting.

His baseball life ended then.


Until next week.

Grace can't afford to retire.

I still can't understand that.

To look at him, you could hardly believe it.

The number of Facebook members is higher than the U.S. population.

I know you don't want that to happen.

No one threatened him.

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I've never known Denis to break a promise.

I've been familiarizing myself with the process.

I can't be away from my wife for that long.

She fell asleep with her sweater on.

Jesper is a tomboy.

They are in their seats at the table.

Christopher Columbus's "The Idiot's Guide to Killing a Shark Barehanded" and "The Twenty Ways to Strangle a Giant Squid" both went on to become bestsellers.


The word you use depends on your intended meaning.


Does that make me weird?


Does he have long hair?

Even now, many years after the Cold War, there is still much rancor between the Russians and the Germans, especially in areas once occupied by the Soviet Union.

I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I don't feel like participating in this discussion.

Not this shirt, the other one.

Jwahar couldn't believe that he had just won the lottery.


That was the first time that a man walked on the moon.

You can't see too well with these LCD displays.

I'm going to kiss you now.

Last night an explosion took place at a fireworks factory.

Staph infections in hospitals pose a significant threat to the health of postoperative surgical patients.

There is no hurry; you have five days to think the matter over.

Listen! They're playing my favorite music.

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I'd like to go out with her.

She caught me off-guard.

He has the capacity to become an accountant.

I'm driving a car.

I need help carrying Doyle.

The automobile stopped.

Can you leave me alone?

We won't do it.

Is Sriram really a student here?

The woman likes to play tennis.

This room is very warm.

Don't say anything without thinking.

You own a yellow sports car, don't you?

How could you know this was going to happen?

Get ready for some action.

Stop the persecution!

When you're able, could you answer me a question?

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This is more expensive than I expected.


I told you before that you should ask your mother first.


Does this medicine work quickly?

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You can count on Sherman.

I have sore feet.

Louis wants you to check it out.

That would never happen, right?

Have you ever been to that Japanese restaurant on Park Street?


I'd love something like that.

One lump of sugar, please.

There is a church across the street.

It's almost three hundred miles to Boston from here.

It was a bold decision.

All of us got into the car.

Where is Rome?

That would break the Prime Directive.

I have a lot of ideas.

Our headquarters are in Boston.

Please help me take this down.

I don't care what you believe.

January is the first month of the year, April is the fourth, November is the eleventh, and December is the twelfth.


Trent passed out from the pain.

Face the consequence of your actions.

You didn't feel dizzy.

This juice tastes sour.

The TV antenna broke away in last night's storm.

On the second morning, the Scotsman saw from the top of his tree a great castle far away.

I would ask the question differently.


Jared will join you in a moment.

The thing the Time Traveller held in his hand was a glittering metallic framework, scarcely larger than a small clock, and very delicately made. There was ivory in it, and some transparent crystalline substance.

I cannot abide hearing you cry so bitterly.

That's totally unfair.

In my view you should try the exam again.


There are times that we have to leave a job even in the middle of a recession.

I'll tell him you called.

My watch loses three minutes a week.


Who does your decorating?

He could swim fast enough to pass the test.

Do you really expect me to believe this?

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"Whose children are these?" "They are Marika's."

I'm doing what I have to.

I like the way Joanne talks.

This is every pilot's worst nightmare.

I visited him at intervals during my stay in Paris.


Let's go as soon as Markus gets here.

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Don't be a hypocrite.


You've made us wait.

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We don't have any chance of winning.

Every city has an imposing cathedral.

It's normal to make mistakes.

It has worked out nicely.

They won't wait long.


Can somebody help?

A bear will not touch a dead body.

She can't even speak her native language without making mistakes.


Ramiro often hangs out with Sri on weekends.

I looked in my closet for something to wear.

I've got to hand it to him. He works hard.

I may know Dale.

I don't know where you will go.

There's someone behind me.

Ya gotta do what he says ya hafta.


I think your eyes are so beautiful.

Greg is unfortunate.

He practiced the piece many times before the concert.


Her mother went to the United States to learn English.


Are you spending Thanksgiving with Naoto?


The story is full of humor.


How many eggs do you eat per day?

If Sidney doesn't swim, I won't either.

I'm not going to call you.

Dan spent his last night getting drunk at a local pub.

What if Earth's atmosphere started to behave like a too-hot greenhouse? We cannot open Earth's windows or doors to cool it off.

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Murat used to be talkative.

What do you think you should do?

She winked at me, as much as to say, I love you.

When did they go home?

I'm not doing this with you again.


The scholarship enable her to go to college.

I saw a dog. The dog held a piece of meat in its mouth.

He sang at our request.

The sky was grey.

I ought to give her a call.

That's thieves' cant.

I can understand everything you are saying.

I'm afraid it will rain tomorrow.

You obviously want to be left alone.

Consisting of bacon and cheese, the sandwich was quite greasy.

Let me have a word with them.

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I can't invite all my friends at once.

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For my part, I have nothing to say against the new proposal.

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Lenin ordered them to rebel.


We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they are called dreams.

Mr. Adams was foolish to agree to the proposal.

These teacups make a pair.

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I would greatly appreciate your help.


Do you wear shoes inside your house?

He lives according to God's laws.

That novel wasn't written by Mr. Robinson.

Russ's a natural when it comes to games involving hand-eye coordination.

Appearances deceive.