Is that genuine?


Once things start going this way, in the end they'll all be much of a muchness.


That's common sense.

I'm not scared! This is fun!

I think you've had enough candy for one day.

Connie is going to be locked up.

Practically every guy in the bar was looking at Jared.

She asked about you.

A recent survey reveals that the population density in the metropolis is decreasing.

Herbert promised to be here at 2:30.

Brodie needs to take charge.

I can't afford to take chances.

I'll be back in an hour.

It goes without saying that experience is a good teacher.

Rainer was branded a thief.

Does going out with Nathan make you happy?

How about a bottle of champagne?

Liyuan's harmless.

Bret caught Sekar snooping through his stuff.

They stood calmly and listened to speeches.

It could take weeks, even months.

Jarl opened his locker and took out his books.

Do I have to come home now?

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Neither happiness nor misery last forever.

Timothy is a very amazing person.

I almost feel sorry for them.

Mike can't help Anton.

Wait quietly until the substitute teacher gets here.

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Malaclypse couldn't find a job that he liked.


It is interesting to make friends with a foreigner.

Sjaak should have some good advice.

Everybody likes money.


This makes no sense.

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular.

Johan checked his mailbox to see if he'd gotten any mail.

There's no door.

I want you to consider this.

Her father entered the room.

You should pay attention to what he says.

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Many advantages accrue to society from the freedom of speech.

The nurse checked Dori's blood pressure.

We don't have it.


His son died from cancer at a young age.

She stood on her head.

There is a rapid increase in shops struggling in the depression.

Per was generous.

A leopard never changes his spots.

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Stay away from my daughter.

You must know him pretty well.

John is a member of the swimming club.

Hein married Stevan's daughter.

The universe contains all of the galaxies, stars, and planets.

He's talking in a strange way.

The children were allowed to stay up till 10 p.m.

I've got to get ready.

Po is trying hard to give up smoking.

It would be stupid to get rid of all this stuff at this time.

Norm was thoughtless.

Their scope and shape is unclear.

You're annoying me.


I don't see anybody else around here.

No cube is the sum of two cubes.

Susan asked Frederic to stop working.

You read too much.

Loren stretched out on the grass and fell asleep.


Let's step outside.

If you don't know what to say, just say "my condolences."

I need an interpreter for her class.

Would you like another drink?

That just sounds funny.

When will I get to see the effect of this soap?

I heard about the fire.


Marlena tried to avoid getting caught.

It's pouring down rain.

Wayne wasn't a bit sleepy.

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The work is progressing steadily.


Choose whichever of them is becoming to you.


Jane went into hypovolemic shock.

I want to eat pizza.

They sound like a married couple.

The girl put on dangling earrings.

I'm going to get you something to drink.

We go to school every day except Sunday.

Who could've done that?

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They are a good airline to fly with.

Can I talk to you out here?

No one seems to know the answer.

I'd like to see a doctor.

Please allow me to say a few words on this occasion.

Anita asked Laurianne for John's telephone number.

He angrily closed the door.


I don't remember what Luis said.


Would you be happier if I stayed?


I saw what was happening.


Keep an eye on my suitcase while I'm buying a ticket.

The police took Dan into custody.

A successful presentation of a play.

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If only I had a map, I could show you the way.

There are not many books on these shelves.

I'm not lazy but diligent.


Kate is majoring in German.


I've got to find something to do after I retire.

There is no need to be ashamed of confessing one's mistakes.

Do you like thunderstorms?

Rape and sexual assault are crimes of violence.

She is his friend.

How do squirrels remember where they buried their food?

He always takes notes.


Olaf tells us more about what's going on than Michael does.

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He used to be well off and generous, but now he lives from hand to mouth.

My father often reads the newspaper during meals.

Samuel plucked the chicken.

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Norma's behavior was bad.


Major has her back to us.

Velvet pants are out of style.

Elliott was the first one to enter the classroom.


Don't speak to me about Ronald. We're on bad terms.

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He can do what he wants.

If that happens, I will rip up and burn everything I have written.

Please mail this form to your insurance company.

That movie was amusing.

Give my regards to your sister.


Who could've done that?


For some reason I couldn't access my e-mail.

We supported each other.

Don't try this at home.

I am really sorry.

Trey didn't want to sell his car, but he had no choice.


I was out for a walk.

Svante used to be in a relationship with Hilda.

A damp, cold day affects a person's health.

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Why have you delayed seeing the dentist?

We lost sight of her in the crowd.

It's cold today.

It's exactly the opposite which is true: there is nothing after death, except eternity on earth.

Leave the TV on.

I'll love you forever.

That was a new experience for me.


One hundred and sixteen people died as a result of a bomb attack in Pakistan.

The party was a bit of a letdown.

Andreas tried to control his fear.

I can reason with her.

Adobe and Apple both have top-notch video editing programs.

I have two female cats.

Smoking is really bad for your health.

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I wouldn't mind helping Trent.

Where's your family, Stephen?

The scars of your love remind me of us.

If I tell you, I'll be in a lot of trouble.

The newspaper said that a lion escaped from the zoo, and that it could now be in any part of the city.

He married for money.

We should all help provide starving people with food.


Are you going to kiss her?

They went their separate ways.

Let's see what happens if we let Mehrdad do what he wants.

He looks haggard.

Pim's dog left muddy paw prints all over his new carpet.

Her unkind words boomeranged.

Dalton has been a prison guard for ten years.

I'm a bit of an open book.

When did Spy go to the market?


That's what we do.