"Is this the first thing that you do in the morning?" "No, it's the second thing."

It's a really good feeling.


That water tower holds a three-day supply.

I felt very happy.

If you stare at the sky, you'll miss the target.

This is much the better of the two.

Axel read the entire book in three hours.

My hands are shaking.

He kicks me.

Alex tried to persuade Lanny to go.

I'm living in an adobe house.

Donald is quite attractive, isn't she?

Do you have a problem with that, Carsten?

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I haven't been well.

Lisa was raised near Boston.

How is your last name written?

It is inevitable that I go to France someday, I just don't know when.

He doesn't seem to be aware of the problems.


You know something.

Stay here all night if you want.

Rich always keeps Julian's picture in his wallet.

I am waiting for approval.

I got those pictures you asked me to take.


I think I'll get a bit of fresh air.


Duncan tasted the popcorn and decided it wasn't salty enough, so he sprinkled on some more salt.

They still haven't found a buyer for that house.

It will kill two birds with one stone.

He is at work now, but will come back at seven.

Pria rewound the tape.


She's a complete stranger to me.

A good idea came to me.

The trend is always to produce more products using fewer employees.

I want a few more minutes.

My father tried to teach us the value of work.

A new book expected to come out this semester is about how to avoid financial problems in difficult times.

Do you often need to remind Miriam to do stuff?

I didn't have the money.

I am in the habit of going for a walk before breakfast.

Have you ever been run over?

No one was interested in anything I had to say.

He is interested in music.

The TV won't turn on.

I always stay at their house when I'm in town.

Nancy is afraid of dogs.

There's something back there.

What the fuck is your problem?

If I weren't sick, I'd join you.

When did Lana buy that?

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English words are often borrowed by other languages.

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It's been busy lately.

We aided him in his business.

Things won't go as planned.

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Skef leaned on his cane.

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Toerless forced Jacobson to give false information to the police.

I've been thinking about Alison lately.

I had arrived in Italy without difficulty.

It's pretty easy to imagine.

We are very grateful for what you did.

I want to become better at playing baseball.

My house is under construction.

Florian just stared at Lievaart without saying a word.

Ian is not able to easily distinguish between boredom and hunger.

That's unfair competition.

This pen is very easy to write with.

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Ranjit has just arrived.

Hui is the best at what he does.

Make haste, or you will be late.

I have three unpublished manuscripts.

We could have our tea in the garden, were it a little warmer.


No one is above the law.

What do I get out of it?

Poverty is the mother of all vices.

It is a photograph that I really like.

Can you see?

I come to this town for the second time.

"I have a manuscript in my pocket," Doctor James Mortimer said.


What made you ask that?

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Florian didn't stay in Boston very long.


It does not matter that he did not know about it.

We weren't paying attention.

You should apologize to him for coming late.


I'm going out today.

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Don't let him down.

If I can't trust you, who can I trust?

Compare the copy with the original.

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Amarth could barely contain his excitement.

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Did Max hit Juergen?


It's not like Kitty to be late without calling.

The larger fish from the south will compete with the smaller Arctic species for food, and even prey on them directly.

My children live in Paris.


It's still functioning.

You have made a foul move.

We intended to stay there about two weeks.

Dan didn't want to believe that Linda did that.

The story was adapted for the movie.


Are you available next week for a follow-up interview?

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She plays the violin very well.

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What we are seeing now is a country teetering on the brink of civil war.

I want to give you a hug.

We can meet in the middle of the afternoon.

Politics divides people, while culture unites them.

I hardly even know you.


I'd better get out of here.

My business address is 465 Fifth Avenue.

Birthdays are important.

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In public life, let all citizens be equal.


I'd like breakfast in my room at 8 sharp.

I'm sorry for the delay.

Even though I really want to know his name, I don't have enough courage, and I'm afraid to go ask.

What's Charlie's status?

I'll send a message to Saqib.


I'm probably not as busy as Kerri is.


I need to know more about them.

There's no coffee.

I can't tolerate his rudeness.

Can you come up to my room and help me?

It's like a scene from a movie, isn't it?


You should brush your teeth at least twice a day.


My big sister washes her hair every morning.

They can still accomplish their goals, I think.

I wanted to ask you about something.

Tickets are priced at $13, $30, and $33.

Well, let's have a look.


That scenario is unlikely.

Someone might get hurt.

Fortune 500 companies were the hardest hit by recent legislation.

I never said that to you or anyone else.

Mayo's eyes are red, and he looks very tired.


It occurred to me that he might be an industrial spy.

Stanislaw has indeed found something interesting.

I am going to work out the problem by myself.

We're geniuses.

What did you want to show us?


Christophe wondered who Delbert had driven to the airport.

I think that'll be enough.

They caught up with him at the entrance.

Please show me another example.

What does it matter anyhow?

Are you saying that you don't want to go with us?

Mods sure have it difficult. It's like "Here, have a bit of power, do what you have to", and all the garbage gets thrown at you.


I am engaged in a new business.

You shouldn't go if you don't want to.

We just want to talk to her.


The cellphone came with several applications already pre-installed.

Have you found what you want?

Let me help you put on your coat.

Cindy got dressed quickly.

You really should get this agreement down in writing.

They looked at me and smiled.

Haven't we seen him before?

I am not sure.

Should it rain now.

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There are some friends who are dearer to me than others.


No matter who may call, you must not open the door.


Tell her it's an emergency.

I could feel nothing but the knife as it plunged into my back.

Janice started learning French when he was thirteen years old.

For many years I thought that it was beauty alone that gave significance to life and that the only purpose that could be assigned to the generations that succeed one another on the face of this crowded earth was to produce an artist now and then.

Why does no one believe me when I'm telling the truth?

Fay is unconcerned.

The two sisters became more and more famous.