Many students have a car of their own nowadays.

You cannot learn too much about your own language.

I am not satisfied with my present lot.

This is Arthur's dog.

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He never wrote me back.

He looked up at the ceiling.

You can weigh your baggage in this balance.

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Is the tour going to stop?

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I haven't met our new neighbors.

Do I have to come on Monday?

Our teacher gives out a lot of homework.

I'm dying to find out if I got the job.

He gradually came to love his father.

I need you to talk to him.

Nothing is true except what isn't said.

Leave home early in the morning, and you will get to your destination before dark.

It just sounds boring.

Don't give Cary your email address.

Loren never mentioned any of this to me before.


Graeme certainly doesn't seem to know what he's doing.

When I say that this spider is harmless, I don't mean that you can catch it with your hands and handle it as you like. Big spiders don't attack people unless they are provoked, and they should not be taken for toys.

Learn from your mistakes.


Let go of my arms!


Her face expressed her bitter disappointment.

Modern technology has made our lives more comfortable.

With a shortage of midwives added to that of obstetricians it has become clear all over again that our country's obstetric care is in an extremely grave situation.


When I hear this song, I think of her.

I've told her everything.

Elliott was convinced he'd been betrayed.

How much do you charge?

It's a very expensive smartphone.

We support the environmentalists completely.

Being cute also has some inconvenients.

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I know where he lives.

Maybe it's time to tell Huey we're getting divorced.

It seems that Phillip is not a man.

Only the bus driver was uninjured.

Eat it!

There might be doctors there.

I have one final piece of advice related to handshakes: Remember to smile.


He is not only brave but wise.


I wonder if the plane will arrive on time.


Don't forget to call them.

Let's rest for five minutes.

They consider him unfit for that job.

You can't run from the past.

She came to Japan for the purpose of studying Japanese.

Patricia's mind seems to be on other things.

Wish me luck.


You look like your brother.

I let her down.

Thirteen people were injured.

Do you want to go get something to eat?

I'm really depressed.

Duncan was arrested in a stolen car.

Rudy got engaged.

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If you have a medical certificate, bring it.


The argument is rigorous and coherent but ultimately unconvincing.

Please wash your hands.

My hair stood on end.


Japanese seem to prefer picking a marriage partner as much like themselves as possible, finding a job that provides security and slow but steady advancement, and putting money in the bank.

My advice is to go home.

He had a good look at the papers.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

I know a way to find out.

She was in despair when her husband died.

Please wake me up at six tomorrow morning.

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Eat your dinner before it gets cold.

He should have arrived before noon.

The American culture had been transplanted from Europe.

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life in prison?

Holly goes to school, doesn't he?

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Everybody loved the simple scholar.


Did you really like it?


We saw a beautiful orchid with deciduous leaves.

This new product has been checked twice this week in order to avoid any problem during the installation.

Hsi was even more surprised than Rex was.


David can dance like a robot.

I'm only here to help him.

He's sitting in the meeting room.

We were terrified.

Why did you give yourself up?

I partnered her in tennis.

Our team lost the first match.

I couldn't fight her.

The students went all over the classroom looking for their friends and buddies, unfortunately to the point at which Junior couldn't find anyone!

I didn't want to risk a misunderstanding.

The gown is made of silk.

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Love is nothing more than a temporary hormone imbalance.

The actress was presented a bouquet of flowers after the performance.

Bradley is an egotist.


Don't let opportunities pass by.


How am I supposed to know what to do?

I had a great time tonight.

Deb likes watching TV.

Donna and Barry argued all afternoon.

Sjaak inserted the key into the lock.

I don't know why I didn't think of that before.

They sell meat in this store.


I talked to him again.

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Reinhard reluctantly took his seat.


If you like Dan, translate his sentences.


When he retired, his son took over his business.


How many flights to New York do you offer a day?

He spoke with Ping several times.

We have to seriously think about this.

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Man is the only animal that learns by being hypocritical. He pretends to be polite and then, eventually, he becomes polite.

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I always keep promises.


She is popular not because she is beautiful, but because she is kind to everyone.

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You've lost your umbrellas.

Where did you buy this guitar?

I used all the energy I had.

That made all the difference.

How many people are at this party?


She was thrown behind bars.

Is Hugh telling the truth?

An offside... No! We did it-!

The association has excluded amateurs ever since its foundation.

Everyone was sitting cross-legged on the floor.


It's your responsibility.

I know how some of you might feel about that.

What's Earth's color?


Will is Judith's stepmother.

He started singing.

It's very late now.

There was a light rain yesterday.

There is also Paolo.

Birds sing.

Werner didn't have enough money to take a taxi.

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I didn't want to upset her.

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Each one has white teeth.

That makes it tough.

Sugih, Doyle and John are in the kitchen.

Is this accurate?

He wrote how he wished to be buried.

We looked forward to the party.

This is the very room that I first met my wife in.


They each sang in turn.


Should I break up with her?

If you concentrate, you'll be able to finish within a shorter time interval.

I think about it sometimes.

I don't know your real name.

The secretary is currently directing the ambassador up to the boss's office.

"I gave them the job." "Why them and not us?"

He asked me to go to bed early.

Whatever is, is.

Derek hurt his knee when he fell down.


I have a good mind to study abroad.

Who left the window open?

Manny told Stanley what he'd seen on TV.


I let Cathrin drive my car.


Why aren't you at your office?


Who was that who answered your phone?

I'll admit that.

Do you know where the leak is?

I figured it would be easy to do.

I need to climb the tree.