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Angelo Saleh

Software Engineer

I am able to develop IT projects, for robust and complex business solutions. Development Engineer with extensive knowledge in planning, design and implementation of IT projects, experience in management development tools like Delphi, PHP, flex action script, JavaScript, Perl, c#, databases Firebird, Interbase, MySQL and SQLServer, Linux, Bash, Perl etc...

Video tag

Html5 Rocks

My expirience related to Video in the web: I created a Web Site to stream VOD and video Streaming live configured in the backend with a wowza media server

I created this responsive website

Using the code I coded in codecademic

Very useful platform to learn how to code right.

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Browse through the options of the menu, these are models to show the development and configuration tools I have used along my career. I tried to put together as much as I can, but it is likely I forgot some technologies and some others I did not put simply because they are not very used nowadays in the web development. I appreciate your visit and please leave me a message with suggestions, questions or job offers.


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
-- Albert Einstein

The wise man seeks everything in himself; the ignorant man tries to get everything from somebody else.
-- A fortune command