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IT Pre-Audit Reviews

CryptWorx IT Security pre-audit reviews are the first step in your audit process. During our IT Security pre-audit review, your IT policies and procedures are examined to ensure that all they are fit for purpose, meet the latest required standards before you company undergoes an official audit. By choosing CryptWorx, you are ensuring that your pre-audit IT system process and procedures have been independently checked to meet the latest audit requirements.

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CryptWorx provides a scope of services to help Businesses make the most of their existing IT investments and ensure that future investments are directly tied to the Company’s success. Whether you want visibility into existing infrastructure problems, counsel on selecting the right vendor, or assessment of your current working practices we are here to help.

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The 10 Steps to Cyber Security are industry recognised guidelines on the steps businesses should take to protect themselves against cyber threats. Working with authorised training partners training will be delivered covering all 10 steps to ensure your business is completely Cyber Security Aware and to help prevent any future Cyber Security threats.

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Our aim is to deliver multi levels of support to provide your business and individuals with the skills and knowledge required to ensure they are fully aware of how to identify, report and deal with both physical and virtual Cyber Security threats.


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CryptWorx provides multi-levels of consultancy and support to provide businesses with the skills and knowledge required to ensure their staff are, fully aware of how to identify, report and deal with both physical and virtual Cyber Security attacks.

We aim to provide support to all levels of business to ensure they are able to meet the required legislation and regulation around the secure handling and storage of customers confidential, personal and financial data. This is not limited to large organisations, but can be implemented across individual departmental, and satellite areas of corporate organisations.

CryptWorx support levels are designed to be tailored to all sectors of business and are flexible in their approach. Each support layer builds on the previous layer, and when followed, enables any organisation or business that relies on IT to be sure they have the right policies, procedures, control measures and trained staff to help deter any potential Cyber Attack. This will increase customers confidence in the knowledge that you are preventing financial, confidential and personal data loss against the ever-increasing Cyber threats.

Consultancy and support will follow the 10 key Cyber Security Threat areas identified by the UK Cyber Advisory Service (CAS) and adopted worldwide.