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THEN  (19th Century)

Owen and Jane Roberts arrived in America from Wales in 1841 to settle in Central New York State in Westernville, in Oneida County, north of  Rome.      

   In about 1866, they moved west to Wyoming County, first to Gainesville or Pike, NY and soon after to near Bliss, NY to creek-side land on Wing Street and built a homestead (above)

  •     By 1863, they had born 11 children---all in the U.S. except perhaps Margaret, the first, who possibly was born on board ship during the Atlantic crossing.
  •     Five had died by age 9 or less.  Four boys and two girls survived, all of whom grew up on Owen's Wing Street farm.  
  •     As time passed,  Jane and Mary married into nearby families,  while Tom settled on Owen's farm and David built his own farm on Wing Srtreet;  William O. and John lived nearby.


NOW  (21st Century)  with  23  Years of Reunions 

   Descendants of David, Tom and John are main participants so far in this Reunion -- the focus of this website.  Other descendants of Owen and Jane are invited and welcome to join our adventure.

First_Roberts_Reunion_1994,_picOur First Modern-day Reunion at Wellsville, NY  July 1994.

The age of modern-day Roberts Family NY reunions began in July 1994 up on the hill above Wellsville, NY on a Great Wellsville Balloon Rally weekend.  Funerals for Ted and Kate Urbanczyk (Katherine Roberts)  had brought the family together twice in sorrow. Then, talk   led to desires for more frequent family fun gatherings.  So a reunion every year was initiated. 

       2014 reunion                                                     Youth in 2004                                      

100_3566100_1139 100_1122--Earl_,_Mary_Robts_girls;__Polly_2004      

                                                                                                    Earl Roberts' 3 daughters, Polly Findlay, Ed Zack  ^

 Sue Urb on balloon ride at Balloon Rally  1994  (below)                                           SCAN0015--SueUrb%27s_balloon_ride__1994                                                         100_4102--Kids;_candy_2008     

                               Kids and Candy 2008




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