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Cliff looked in the drawers.

She's done nothing but cry all day.

The teacher recommended this dictionary to us.

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We must suspect that last night a criminal broke into the house.

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Don't let him get away.

What could've caused this?

I'm in the army.

I'm very sorry, but I can't.

I was named after my great-grandfather.

The rental should be somewhat close to where I work.

I woke Raymond up.

In this shop we sell meat.

You asked too many questions.


She was radiant with love.

I'm expecting a call from you.

She and I are the same age.


Dan couldn't stay silent any longer.

Cory is going to do just fine.

Kerri has been watching.

It couldn't be her.

Sergio has already paid.

Wendi speaks French better than me.

The leaves blew away in the wind.


Please lend me that book.


I heard voices outside.


Janet was interested.


I got bored.


The two women know each other.

Maybe it's a trap.

We're not selling our house.

What is the scientific name of the giant squid?

To all appearances, their actions haven't borne fruit.


The books are on a low shelf.

He took his way to the country.

Bradford and Jeremy can't be in the same room.

I got to you as soon as I could.

Have a safe trip.

We don't want to take any chances.

We live on the planet Earth.

That isn't fair.

I have been reflecting on what you said to me.

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The squirrels jumped from branch to branch.

Fun became earnest. Earnest is now four years old.

He asked questions at random.

The old woman is ninety years old, but her cognitive abilities are impressive.

"Can you do me a favor?" "What kind of favor?"

At seventy, my father is still very active.

Did you tell Wolf about what Jose did?

Everyone's got a reason to celebrate the beginning of the new year. They all survived the old one.

Which tooth hurts?


I should take a look.

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They left me alone.

Some people say French is easy to learn.

I haven't spoken with Claire since he got out of the hospital.

I intend to hammer this idea into the student's heads.

He has a crush on Justin Trudeau.

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Liza catches colds easily.

We're under attack.

Pascal obviously doesn't want us bothering him right now.

As is often the case, Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

Are you suggesting that Juan doesn't really hate Gerard?

The movie got more and more exciting, until at length, people were sitting on the edge of their chairs.

She played a trick on my sister.


I bought Rodent a hot dog.

Would you put this in the safety deposit box?

A family of gnomes lives in a small house under this tree.

You're not supposed to ask those kinds of questions.

Try to encourage me a little.

I have no information on them.

Are you sure they can do this?


Take her to surgery.

Micheal has an older sister.

I'm so lonely.

Alf definitely overestimates his own ability.

She runs the business with her daughters.

My upstairs neighbors are very noisy.

Hume says he's disappointed.

Let's take turns rowing the boat.

Free Palestine!

This is the first time I've seen him smile.

I agree with you on this point.

Who am I talking with?

They are hungry this morning.


The day will soon come when we will be able to predict earthquakes.


I'm not comfortable doing this.

Don't tell anything about what happened here.

In 2024, there will be a robot in every home.

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I can't put up with this man anymore


Marcos became even more upset.


The budget was narrowly approved by Congress.


After they argued, they didn't speak to each other for a week.

These flowers are beautiful.

I wonder what Lukas's problem is.

The man robbed me of my purse.

Maarten is speaking to strangers.


Dorothy looks very anxious.

Let him rest in peace, but above all let us live with a good memory!

Careful preparations ensure success.

I'm feeling uneasy.

It's his favorite Italian word.

Who'd buy this?

You aren't going to tell my parents, are you?

I'm in a hurry today.

"Why do you say that she's liar?" "Because she is."

You may kiss anybody.

Case wants you to shoot Teri.

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He has learnt manners.


You have enough on your mind without worrying about my problems.

The cat was playing with a live mouse.

"Bonanza" is not about bananas. Or maybe it is. It's a famous western series.

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They'll pay a price for their arrogance.

It's a pleasure to have you with us again.

This is very difficult for him.

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I smell something rotten.

The burglar pointed his gun at the victim.

Textured vegetable protein is a common meat substitute.

You speak Esperanto, right?

You've wasted enough of my time.

Fate shuffles the cards and we play.

Ro and Juan want to talk to me.

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Bill wrote the letter.


Bart cut an interesting article out of the newspaper.


I think that girl cut her hair to give herself a new look.

We have plenty of time tonight.

What's the best way to lose weight?

I booked us a hotel in Galway tonight.

Shyam asked Gunter if he could borrow her French textbook.


No one's ever questioned my authority before.


I'd like us to be friends again.

To our amusement, the curtain began to rise ahead of time.

Once there lived a great king.


Slartibartfast and Denis came up with a possible solution to their problem.

It will be five or ten years before the technology is ready.

Sunil is busy, and so am I.

Mr. Brown gave me your name.

I just want you to accept me for who I am.

Rather than buy vegetables at the grocery store, Sonny is growing her own in her backyard.

I use Firefox.

I don't want to cause you any problems.

Seattle has a very wet climate.

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How many cups of coffee did you drink?


He is the greatest statesman that ever lived.

You lack sincerity for her.

That sentence doesn't exist in any song.

Have you got used to living in the dorm?

I don't know what plan he will try.

I'm meeting them for breakfast.

This dog is not mine.


I received a Christmas card from my brother in Italy.

The spaceship is out of orbit around the moon.

I can easily tell if someone is a good person or not. If he likes me, then he's good. If he doesn't like me, then he's bad.

How many credits is this course?

We've always been told to do what's best for us.


True friendship is invaluable.


That was Reinhard's cousin.


I'm almost finished writing the report.


Harris is a few years older than Pradeep.


It wasn't much of a yard.