He seems angry.


Lars isn't very aggressive.

Their efforts made the situation better to a certain degree.

They were doing eighty kilometers and they passed us.


I really love my blue pen.

Where did you buy that book?

I managed to get a hold of him this afternoon.


Jakob had a good day at school.


The jet plane took off in an instant.

The suicide bomber fired towards former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, but missed.

The man helped me when I was in trouble.

Please tell me when you are coming back.

Do not venture to come out of your homes.

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Before Isidore became Marnix's chauffeur, he was John's chauffeur.


Nobody came to help him.

I have to turn off the telephone.

What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

Some of them had a gift for making weapons.

No one is more universally despised than the fence-sitter, a person who refuses to take a position but criticizes that of everyone else.


I'm not sure I want to do this now.

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I should've given Nicolas my old trombone.

I didn't read the whole thing.

Don't risk it.

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Let's not forget it, Laurence.

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Genocides are hate crimes.

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It could take some time to explain what happened.

She had her bag snatched.

He warned me that I would fail.

She doesn't seem to like me.

Let's try something new.

I'm glad I was able to help you last week.

Debbie doesn't suspect a thing.

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Have you read the leading article in today's paper?

Shakespeare was a contemporary of Marlowe.

Have you gone crazy?


She claims the inheritance.


I don't want to get out of bed.

Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube?

Gabriel often forgets to lock the front door.

The merchant sent the politician a bribe.

Who will take charge of their class?


This is really delicious soup, isn't it?


I went up the river.


Are Anne and Bertrand your friends?

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I felt pretty bad.

Brenda regularly needs to have ingrowing eyelashes trimmed by an optometrist.

It was pitch-black.


I've been trying to get your attention.

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Ask Hsuan what he's doing tonight.


The gun went off while he was cleaning it, and the bullet almost struck his wife.

I cannot read his comics without laughing.

I've never seen him before.


Her smooth entry into the ranks of the royal family will help to dispel these fears.

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I have no intention of fishing in troubled waters.

The captain ordered his men to fire.

I am sure of succeeding.


I am looking for my phone.

We haven't seen you in the past four years.

Since then he had put his whole soul into his work.

Shouldn't you be at school now?

Equestrian is the only mixed-gender Olympic event.

How far is it from Osaka to Kyoto?

It is the business of the politician, the "science of politics", to make you believe that the law protects you and your interests, when it merely serves to keep up the system which robs, dupes, and enslaves you in body and mind.

John is sure to win the game.

I don't remember where I was.

"So", I've learned a new "word" in Hungarian.

We must go back.

Naoto is an adult.

We knew something had to change.

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She wants a divorce.

This sentence is going to be translated.

People are a bit friendlier in Boston.


Certainly. What can I do?

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Nelken used a toothpick.

I will set about my task at once.

You can't ignore the risk.

I like your place.

He regarded the story as a joke.

The horses make dust as they run.

I'll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.


It's a book on animals.

I met them in Boston.

The patient is in critical condition.

Were we really happy together?

Release the hostages.

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The boys worked hard.

Of course I should read this book.

We have to face the fact that the company is losing money.

While he was waiting for the train, he listened to music and sent text messages.

See you again tomorrow.

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The work is easy enough for me to finish in a couple of hours.


I decided to become a scientist.

All or nothing.

You must pay attention to every minute detail from now on.

You may as well make friends with people who need you.

Is the tour going to stop?

For further details, read below.

The neighbors called the police.

What do you say to a bus tour next Saturday?

He is a spoiled child.


Sunday is not an ordinary day to me.

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Cindy was crying.

God, this place is huge!

My sword may be blunt, but that's more than enough for someone like you.

I'm really bad with names, but I never forget a face.

What is your favorite song on this album?

I think it's important for us to stay calm.

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

Rik certainly goes to bed early.

Are you on your way to the tennis court?

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It's only four minutes from here by train.


I hate myself because I'm ugly.


Three soldiers died protecting us.

I see your little book.

Chuck is testing us.


I promise that this discussion will be the last of its kind.

What a stupid guy!

As far as he was concerned, things were going well.

My wife is from Boston.

I'm in ecstasy.

Mom bought a pretty doll for me.

I know that it's there.

If feeling sick of the world could by itself grant saintliness, I don't see how I could avoid canonization.

Did Pratap tell you everything you wanted to know?


Mammals have hair.

He sat himself down on a bench in the shade.

Petr is Antony's twin brother.

I wonder how long that's been there.

The boy gave me a bow.

Kit is being rather difficult.

His mother compelled him to do his homework.

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Pantelis won't be able to stop Ann from doing that.

Jane threw a glance at us.

I want to go over to France.


Do you have smaller sizes?

I like Adrian and he said that he liked me, too.

It's very late.


They accept students like Page.


His romance was the talk of the town.

I can't find the address of my hotel.

The doctor says you're going to need a lot of rest.


It happened that I was in New York then.

What if Galen doesn't like me?

He has great ability as an artist.

Jane never even asked Monica about that.

If I gave no answer, I would not have spoken.


No matter what happens, just keep smiling.


This is the most exciting book that I have ever read.

Don't be so sentimental.

I reminded him to write to his mother soon.

Why would I want to go with you?

The majority of people marry sooner or later.

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You can't have a celebration without fireworks.