Can you please stop singing?

Cristina studies French.

We have to be prepared to cope with violent storms.

I just saw him three hours ago.


Unfortunately, that's not an option.

I was impolite.

We're surprised.


What do we mean by "global optimization"? It's kind of like if I gave you a pair of binoculars and told you to find me the highest mountain in the world, using only your eyes.

I'd like to talk to you this morning if possible.

The dust rose in clouds.

Because he was wealthy, he was able to go there.

I remind you that you are still under oath.


This meeting room needs to be repainted.

I prefer biking.

Can you tell me where the nearest courtesy phone is?

"So this," she went on, "is where the receipts are kept."

At the outset of the long voyage I was seasick, but I gradually began to get my sea legs.

Don't fret about it.

We're going to eat now.

I knew Beverly wasn't the one who did that.

Wes asked Ernest if she needed some help.

He was alone there.

Rajeev chose to live in Boston.


The children were hungry for affection.

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Hume needs to be tranquilised.


Sho is pretty good at changing the subject.

Holly knows a lot about baseball.

He was smitten with your mother.


Yesterday I went to the hairdresser's.


The food here is terrible.

My first impression of him proved to be correct.

Mountains in the ocean and even whole ranges are still being discovered, and most of them have not yet been explored in detail.

The medicine he had prescribed failed to take effect.

He learned Russian when he was young.

She kept working.

I would never buy a house on Park Street.

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Is Mr. Jones in the office?

Many people signed in for the contest.

You should not give him up for lost.


That's where I was born.

He had scarcely escaped when he was recaptured.

Spring is here. It is getting warmer every day.

Save dinner for me.

Milner didn't want Julian to go to Boston.

A foreigner asked me where the station was.

The first batter up got a base hit.

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You have many books.

Ravindran greeted me politely.

He is hardly friendly with his fellow workers.

He's way more experienced than I am.

Luis took Ninja to the zoo.

I was dumbstruck.

Some women longed to have the right to vote.

This is utterly insane.

I will be happy to go.


I'm taking pictures of everything I own.


Soon after that, I began to fall asleep.

It isn't what I thought.

Finding a house is stressful.

I want to find out what Arthur is going to wear to the dance.

I am getting old!

A water shortage causes a lot of inconvenience.

The water was ice cold.

She turned away in horror at the sight of blood.

Do you think it would actually make a difference?

Cathrin believes that the Earth is flat.

It's a bad problem.

I could not but sigh when I heard the news.

You can travel from Osaka to Tokyo in an hour by plane.

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I have a shower every night.

Elsa visited Boston.

He kept the secret to himself.

Let's make the best of it.

Form a line one meter away from the one in front of you.

We are young.

Mr. Newman often comes to Japan.

I like to sail when it isn't really windy.

You must associate with people of good character.

I have a dry cough.

Tell him what happened.


Mandarin, English, and Arabic are all examples of the world's most widely spoken languages.

Graduating from university without studying is a victory, isn't it.

Your friends have deserted you.

I bit my lip.

Are you still working in Boston?

I thought I was completely over Alexander.

I keep telling myself it doesn't matter.


You've said way too much already.

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Sunil is a beatnik.

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Should I pay for you?


I tried to call him.

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You're being too honest.

Knut wants to talk to me.

Has somebody a good idea?

I want all the information you have.

I'm getting pretty thirsty.

I've just been to my uncle's house.

The sprinkler is shooting out a stream of water onto the grass.


Shamim thought Dannie's cooking was delicious.

What do you need me for?

After drinking three bottles of beer, Herbert fell asleep.


Why do you think that I would do something like that?


Will you go to Copacabana today?


What is significant in this argument is that his theory can identify those phenomena.

My advice is not to tell Sid.

I thought Denis would say hi.

I can't do that to her.

All we need is a few more volunteers.

You never used to treat me like this.

The gentleman or lady with the number 47 will please come to counter 3.

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I'd like breakfast in my room at 8 sharp.


Your help would be appreciated.

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The new house is near the fast burn.

Effective use of disinfectant is an important subject in relation to infection control in hospitals.

I should be there in less than three hours.

Theodore needs to cancel his flight.

In my high-school's dormitory, the first years share a room with another student, but starting from the second year, students have individual rooms.

She went ballistic when I said that.

I was upset by the news of the traffic accident.

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Pratt told me to tell you that he appreciates everything you've done for him.


We all consider your idea to be impractical.


Can you find her for me?


I thought you came to see him.

I never thought I'd find you.

He told me he had a surprise waiting for me.

I don't kiss and tell.

Neither approach is ideal.


You can't rely on me in this matter.

We should probably ask Mick first.

Those didn't bother to respond.

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.

You won't believe who came by today.

Spudboy wasn't wearing a shirt.

Our teacher was a beautiful lady, but was not the type of person who dressed up.

That is our baseball field.

It is the tallest tree that I ever saw.

Claudio is facing financial problems.

Did you know about this?


I was born on June 4, 1974.

Paracelsus influence was intense and long lasting.

You learned quickly.


My family were very fond of my girlfriend.


Part is a redhead, isn't he?

Buckle up, sit down, shut up and hold on.

He will come to the station by bus.


Claire is younger than you.

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It is a pity that he should miss such a chance.


Vickie is a candidate.

Valeria wanted to fire Miriam, but John stopped him.

It was a true story.


Dan fired Linda for ruining the plan.


Pim gave up trying to convince Patty to babysit his kids.


Where did you get that watch?

I like to dress this way.

If only I could be through with my homework today!


Thad must've known that would happen.


This car is a pile of rubbish.