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Robotics Gigapan Amateur Radio MrB's  PPTs Hovercraft 952-240-0947

8778521485 Suite
Monitoring Our Active Environment

KHS Weather Page
Used at the beginning of my classes - Lots of Info!

KHS Weather Station Page


Weather Data via Findu

Up to date weather station data -- Direct -- and with History via WeatherUnderground

Check out the cool Wunderground Map - zoom out to see the whole island / State

We are now participating in the Citizens Weather Observer Program!

KHS Weather Satellite Page

Latest Images
Latest images from space - All static filled ones are night time passes - I'm still getting this worked up right :-) OK, I have to get the paid version of the software and add a pre-amp on the mast.
        Weather Satellite Primer        Mr B's Satellite Watching Primer

KHS Seismometry Page
Latest Earthquakes detected at KHS - Seismometer not yet up or running... next?? priority
We are participating in QCN - Quake Catcher Network - An accelerometer is glued to the floor and using BOINC - quakes are watched.

Ka'u Science SO2 and Vog

phase 2 - past data + In need of Updating :-)

Multi Frequency Sun
Cool way of looking at the sun - SOHO and Visual and Magnetogram and....

Mr B's Classes     wardite
For Physics Students
For Electicity and Electronics Students
For Earth Systems Science / Earth Space Science Students
For Chemistry Students
For Physical Science Students
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Mr B Miscellany:

 Other Weather Pages  9169682153
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West Virginia
Alaska Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Korea International School, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Old Index / Starting Page
This will link to some older NCLB related commentary, some projects at Keaau Middle School and the like

Craters and More
My visits to Meteorite Impact Sites - Stuff added sporadically

Revival of the Penguin Pages - one  of these days... 

Weather Pole to Pole
Watch the effect of the inclination of the Earth
Weather Around the Equator
Watch the effect of the spinning Earth

Pretty much what it says

Most recent update - 30-Aug-2018