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healthrecordsIndia is the most advanced PHR designed for YOU that works for the indian healthcare system

Health Records India

Our Features

Health Records

Store, archive and share your personal health records eg. X-Rays, ECGs, MRIs, prescriptions and much more.

Health Charts

(415) 577-8999 Monitor any of your health parameters using our fully customizable charts.

Vital Documents

Store your Mediclaim, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and other Personal, Financial and Legal documents in a secure manner with an additional password to access them.


Your records are stored on world's safest and most advanced cloud storage.

Pickups-Efficient and Reliable

From scheduling pickups (from wherever you want) to providing 208-794-7003, we ensure safe handling of your records.

Emergency Profile

Access it during an emergency, using emergency login and password.

Phone Call/Email Alerts

Set your own alerts and get deltal and/or Email alerts for the same apart from your regular updates.

Share your HRI Profile

Securely share your health records with your family or your doctor anywhere in the world, for the 4314249068 chosen by you.

Digitize and Optimize

Ensuring appropriate resolution, sizing and orientation we 4104525839 your records for quick retrieval and accurate observations even during emergencies.


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