Galen says he's not coming.

The squalor of the slums is not for the faint hearted.


For me, regret is the harshest punishment.

Where did I put my glasses?

I'll make it up to her.

You are exactly like your mother.

The sun went below the horizon.


A single ray of sunlight shone through a chink in the shuttered window.

What did she drink?

I'm going to let Hurf respond.

Tomorrow is a holiday.

If there were no air, man could not live even ten minutes.

What were you telling her?

She can't control her children.

The girl wants to know the truth.

I hurried to the station as I had kept my wife waiting.

I'm lazy.

Google harder!

Please forgive me for not having written to you earlier.

Anthony said he'd be happy to help.

Can you take us to Marnix right now?

Make her move!

I was startled for a second.

Please enjoy your stay.


I really needed that.

Bjorne doesn't want to get involved.

She is no doubt pretty, but she isn't beautiful.

Wes bent forward.

Price is still the same weight he was when he was a teenager.

Is there a pen on the desk?

It has nothing to do with luck.

That never happens.

So, we finally meet! I've waited so long for this moment.

I bought it from him.

They could still be here.


She is fond of cake.


He walked ahead of me.

Maybe you should've told Butler that.

We sensed a melancholy note in his voice.

Where did you get that orange scarf?

Hang that picture on the wall.


I can't ask him to quit.


We know what you're trying to do.

There's nothing wrong with Elias.

We will make up for the loss.


Some politicians are considered to have caused that incident.

I was a shy child.

You are not a child anymore.

The clock on that tower is accurate.

She always takes care of her children.


This is the place where your mother and I had our first date.

I didn't like him much, in fact I hated him.

When does Vance get here?

(800) 736-1229

I didn't strangle him.

Perhaps we should contact her.

I stick to the old-fashioned.

Bob has been engaged to Heinrich for over a year.

He will find them.

Hunter is getting pretty good at playing the guitar.

I'll go tomorrow if the weather is good.

Please tell me more.

I don't have the strength to keep trying.

When you back up into a tree, you make the boot smaller.

I'm fully qualified.

He stayed there some time.

How soon can you be ready?


I'm freezing cold.

Mann is being proactive.

I wasn't very hungry anyway.


OK, my dear, good night!

This sentence does not belong to me.

My lunch was an apple and pears and pomegranate.

Charleen has been trying to find a new apartment for quite a while.

Bertrand married for money.


Dan received funds from local foundations to improve his old library.

He waters the flowers every day in summer.

Not a few people had that thought.

Let's focus on what needs to be done today.

After that English exam, my brain is fried.

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We are women.

The police officer placed List under arrest.

Put a mark on this page.

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Spy didn't go into the room right away.

She is second to none in swimming in her school.

I'll never remember all this.


This place looks just the same as it used to.

Let's be realistic and try the impossible.

Only after the last tree has been cut down, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will you realize that money cannot be eaten.

The init function is expected to return a non-negative value if everything is OK.

I don't speak French very well.


I will sing while he is resting.

Murthy had a glass in either hand.

The camera was essential for me.

I will work to the best of my ability.

Take a load off.


You guys are not going to believe this!

Are you really thinking about what's best for Dewey?

I can see how that might be annoying.

Hold your horses.

I speak a few languages.

Brett held up his hand to stop Leo.

I'm getting confused.

I know who you're thinking about.

I cannot make noise. The baby is sleeping.

If you don't tell her, I will.

It'll be very hot tomorrow.

Before embarking on this type of therapy, the wishes of the patient herself must be carefully taken into consideration.

The flag of the town of Vila Velha looks like an inverted Philippine flag.

Phill's plan seems the best.

Rebecca is married and the father of a daughter.

He made out really well in the clothing business.

The finding of God is coming to one's self.


Ruppy is a bioluminescent dog that glows red.

I ordered a glass of wine.

One man one word. One woman one dictionary.

I thought I'd drop in to see you before I went to Boston.

I took the lift to the third floor.

I'm not the coach.

Asked from what country he came, he replied, "I am a citizen of the world."

Are you proactive?

Jon leaned on the table.


Why would anyone be surprised?


No matter what happens, keep the door locked and don't come outside.


I got such a terrible cold because of all the wind that the buildings cause.


They do it faster than us.

I usually get up early.

Between you and me, John's idea doesn't appeal to me very much.


Give him a day or two.


Does he want to go back to the army?

Her results last year were lackluster.

I turned off the tap.

I prefer a hotel by the airport.

Can someone please explain this to me?


I'm sure Shyam is quite sincere.

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I have a meeting today.

We are working for peace.

There are 50 stars on the American flag.

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Time doesn't pass or go away, time remains inside us.


I want to go back to my friends.

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I'd do it.


My vacation went by quickly.


You often need to spend more time doing something than you anticipated.

We just want to be reasonable.

I'm going to leave the library at six-thirty.

Fear nothing.

Dr. Hawking is best known for his discovery that black holes emit radiation.

You looked terrible the other day.

I need a vacation.

A sheep dog drives the flock to the pasture.

Clouds were floating in the sky.


There was no way out.

Do not live in a healthier way than what is right for you.

Let Michael make the decisions.

Fortunately, I made it to the class.

He was the only one in the room.

We're going out again.

Hector is a high school principal.

I'd like to hire someone who speaks French.

There is no water in the well.

Don't come in! I'm naked.

How do you know his name?

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My mother said if I eloped, she would never forgive me.

We do love it.

He sells radios.

The word of the year 2011 in Denmark is "Arab spring". Other proposed words were "fat tax", "broken promises" and "road rage".

Please don't call the cops.