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This looks very familiar.


The monkey, trained properly, will be able to do a lot of tricks.


Tahsin is outgoing, isn't he?

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All that's required is one injection and some electronic devices.

I didn't know Raymond back then.

I saw Martha yesterday for the first time.

Roderick had several photos of Claudio that John had given him.

What train goes to the center of town?

When did you buy this cello?

Laura didn't notice what Saad was wearing.

Toufic was asleep in his quarters.

Love is making you blind.

You're taking a big risk.

New Year! New Career!

She's on vacation.

These shirts need to be washed.

Hon is originally from Australia.

Do you love Nelken?

Are our borders secure?

What does EC stand for?

When and where did you come to know her?

She turned off the lights so she could enjoy the moonlight.

Come to my concert tomorrow evening.

All but she answered the question.

I finished the wine and set down the glass.

I have to pick some flowers.

I will have him come here the day after tomorrow.

I don't want to be late for work.

How old is Tony?

Tell me why you are upset.

Please tell me what I need to do.

I am cooking now.

We talked on the telephone.

I'm not willing to take that risk.

Beowulf decided to follow the dragon to its lair.

Countless stars twinkled in the night sky.

Would King Albert have an affair with Princess Diana? I think not. He's too fat.

Toerless is going to need a push.

It has been three years since Bob started his own business.

She fell and broke her nose.


Stand aside!


I'm sure it was nothing.

What a pain!

I must find a way to make a lot of money.

Take cover!

Experience is the only prophecy of wise men.

You deserved better.

Don't give fish to a poor man; teach him how to fish.

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I'm Nou by the way and this is Nikolai.

My father plays tennis every Sunday.

Did you check this?

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There are many rivers on that island.

Lorraine is the reason I'm here today.

Peggy watched for a few moments.

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You were told this would happen.

Take it home if you want.

I'm bad at singing karaoke.

Many of our friends have already left.

I met her when I was thirteen.


I made an appointment to see him at seven o'clock.

It turned out to be a trap.

My parents are not home.

He stopped to put on his shoes.

Do you want to go with Rodney?

This knot's coming loose.

No matter how important the question may or may not be, you must solve it.

Celia doesn't know Barbara as well as I do.

We sat down to have lunch.

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I don't like talking to people I don't know.

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It kept on raining for a week.

She traveled round Japan.

He's kind of cute, but I'm not sure if I like him.

There was nothing but water as far as the eye could reach.

Hiroyuki is the black sheep of his family.

What's ours is ours.

I love Conrad and I'm pretty sure that he loves me.

We have a lot of fun together.

Cindie frequently downloads movies.

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Productivity has fallen. Accordingly, workers' bonuses will be reduced.

Truthfully, at that time, I didn't have the first idea about such talk: family links, blood relations or whatever.

Unemployment is rising.


We shouldn't have told him.

Don can handle it himself.

Eat your broccoli!


As he looked through the store window, Dima's eyes widened as they fell upon a gorgeous black suit, and then widened even more when he noticed the 3,000,000.99 BYR price tag.

I don't believe that was ever a possibility.

What's happened is unimportant.

It's a curious coincidence.

It seems like it will snow in the evening.

I took it for granted that they adored Hannah.

I know a kid with two cowlicks in his hair. Two!


I'll call again later.

Don't worry. It's easy.

I can't precisely tell you how long that will continue.

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I'm not middle class.

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Olson said he's feeling fine.

A cow cannot jump from the tree like a unicorn.

Dwight needs to change his eating habits.


He speaks five languages.


I didn't mean to hurt Neal.

Just you try!

We'll talk about this some more later.


Give us three minutes.

Can you see the nest in the tree?

Look, I'm telling you the truth.

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Why do you need me to find her?

I must get a new suit made.

Rape is always a crime of violence.


Ann can't find a job.

Keep off the grass!

The big nations should not interfere with the smaller nations.

General Page Jackson accepted the position of commander-in-chief.

Dan distanced himself from Linda's family.

Do you allow your children play in the street?

Murthy felt trapped.

He's not home yet.

Tatoeba. Is that the name of your new girlfriend?

Now that Cecilia's disappeared with all the money, I'm screwed.

How the social contract is going to look like, which will enable the sustainable development of our community? What kind of development model is best suited for this purpose?

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Ginny used to think Morgan was the most beautiful woman in the world.

He lost his umbrella again.

Sal did say that, but I don't think he really meant it.


Marnix called Nicolo over.

As for the standard of living, the republic has overtaken other developed countries.

I'm not denying it happened, but one example can't be called proof.

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You have changed so much that I can hardly recognize you.


I just got Hwa off to school.

It could have been anybody.

Vilhelm was pretty good.

You should not trifle with his feelings.

People were against Mother Teresa at first, but she never gave up.


There remained no more than 20 people in the village.

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Stephen can't afford to buy even a used car.


Max has a very high opinion of you.


She turned pale with fear.

The red skirt is new.

Let me live.

I is an other.

This forest is very dense.

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I didn't know him at the time.

The paint is peeling off the weather-beaten wall.

It's time we do something.


Mat knows a lot about computers.

What are Isabelle's hobbies?

How is Matti?

In this film they both portray notorious gang leaders.

No, I guess not.

I am ready to do anything to make up for the loss.

He burnt his hand on the hot stove.


I know how you operate.

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I explicitly told Bob not to do that.

Kiddo! Two medium-size drafts here.

His proposal was out of the question.

The motorcycle ran out of gas.

Lindsey probably won't agree with your proposal.


I know Douglas was unhappy.

Connie liked horses.

He lives on welfare.

This sentence is in Spanish when you're not looking.

Baudelaire's poetry is magnificent.

Why don't I just talk to her?

Marnix didn't like Cris's husband.

Cars, buses, and trucks are all vehicles.

I'm worn-out.