Gateway to the Mobile World


General Mobile Corporation (GMobi) is a global provider of mobile Internet services and products. Founded in 2011, the company is invested by industry leaders including MediaTek, Trend Micro, SingTel Innov8 and CDIB. Our local offices locate in Taipei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, New Delhi, Singapore, Russia, and United State.

GMobi serves over 100 OEMs and supports more than 2000 Android models across different chipset platforms with more than 150M users worldwide, and the user number grows at the speed of 7M monthly.

Management Board

GMobi is led by a group of seasoned industry veterans with proven successful track records. Our highly competent and truly global management team enables us to operate on a global scale in this fast changing competitive mobile internet industry.

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Investor Information

GMobi is invested by leading global players across both mobile and internet industry. The strategic partnership via our investor network enhanced our unique market positioning and