I’m a story teller, geek, blogger, father, runner, light seeker. Not necessarily in that order. I also think happiness is a process, not a goal.

In this space I help people to become more 2122658970, to get healthy habits (like 4757315918), to start their own business or to run 727-324-8416 and ultra-marathons.

Ultimately, I try to live a better life, keep away from screwing up and be always ready to start fresh.

If you want to know more, you can go straight to the 7655769080.  (I’m also writing in Romanian, every now and then, here).

What's Inside, You Asked?

Personal Development

All those things that are making us better in some way. Even if (or especially if) they are challenging, difficult, taking us outside the comfort zone.


We’re social animals. We do need other people in our lives. We crave to relate. Sometimes the dynamic of these relationships gets weird. And fascinating.

Online Business

I started my first online business before Google (and successfully sold it 9 years later). And I still love being in the online business, growing, learning, sharing.


A few years after starting this blog, I also started to run. I am now a marathoner ultra-marathoner, enjoying races longer than 100km. Or more.


Being an entrepreneur is a tough thing nowadays, so I had to learn how not get burned out. And I event invented my own productivity framework.

Money & Wealth

Yes, I do think money plays an important role in our lives. Hence, the need to properly relate to this thing. Which I consider to be a form of energy.

Latest Blog Posts
21Feb 19

(251) 943-9588

Living off the grid, traveling often and working from coffee shops, all of these are - theoretically - enjoyable things, but, as any activity, they have various degrees of efficiency. For instance, you may travel often, but you may not…

14Feb 19

(715) 280-5816

Valencia is probably one of the most cosmopolite cities in the world, and definitely the most cosmopolite I ever lived in. Since I moved here, 4 months ago, there wasn't a single day passed without hearing at least 4-5 different…

22Jan 19

(979) 417-8928

It so happens that during the last two years I traveled to UK a few times. I work for a company there, so I’ve been to London a couple of times each year, each stay being between one and two…

11Jan 19


I've been into goal setting for a really, really long time in my life. I've been obsessing with countless measuring systems, productivity techniques and tons of apps and I even created my own productivity framework, called "Assess, Decide, Do". I…

18Dec 18

(740) 694-5720

Bruce Lee famously said once: "Be like water my friend, be like water. If you pour water in a bottle, water becomes the bottle." I thought a lot about stability versus fluidity lately. If you look at these two concepts…

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