ShipThis | AI Driven ERP & CRM for Freight Forwarders

AI driven ERP & CRM for Freight Forwarders.

ShipThis is a new way for freight forwarders to efficiently run freight forwarding businesses that keeps you ahead of competitors and grow prosperously.

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Artificial Intelligence-driven perfect for your company.


Visibility of complete organisation’s processes is the key for freight forwarding companies.  All users can have real-time clarity of inbound/outbound shipment and their corresponding receivables.

Analytics and Reports

With automation for creating and archiving reports, including shipping-related MIS reports, purchase order, balance sheets, packing lists and multiple invoices see all the analytics you want at one spot.

All the tools you'll need.

Start managing your shipments today, ShipThis has all your needs covered.

Real Time Tracking & Management

Clients and employees need real-time access to information, especially when they are on the move. Businesses need to embrace mobile ERP for the reports, dashboards and to conduct key business methods.

AI Driven ERP perfect for your company.

A quick and comfortable end to end solution. Built-in accounting, CRM, and more. Enhance your operating model with the support of our disruptive ERP technology.

Made To Your Taste

Dynamic environment of the logistics and shipping industry seeks out diverse and specific needs. Our AI-powered ERP works well with any ERP/CRM solution or as a standalone solution as well. Customize the ERP to enjoy the flavor you want.

Friendly Support

Take comfort with support with our dedicated support and with constant updates and tutorials on hand, you will never be in doubt, easy to get started.


Customisable & Integrations

No more disconnected data. Achieve higher productivity with a centralized dashboard, quick insights based on deep, intelligent and continuously evolving rules.

Plus 50 various Reports.

Jump start your management with ShipThis's diverse array of Reports which you can customise too.

Detail Sales 

Get detail Sales Reports that helps you track and improve your business. Save time and money using freight forwarding services of the digital era.

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