She rejected the money.

Let's get an open ticket.

I don't care about the presents. To me, it's no different if you wouldn't have brought this.

When the full moon falls down on the roof at night, all the farmers are woken up.

The meeting started with some general chit-chat to break the ice.

Dan flossed his teeth.

He has gone to Hawaii on vacation.


I'm gay, so?


I didn't know Donovan was going to do it.

Lock it.

For some reason, Sanity couldn't get to sleep.

I want to go talk to John.

I thought you would say that.


I'm attracted to him.


He is eager to become famous.

Ginny checked the time on his pocket watch.

They saw a mouse.

How was your first day at school?

Patricio's hair is blowing in the wind.

What a pretty girl!

Ravindran never did like you very much.

Let's have a game of tennis.

It is about 1 mile from here to the station.

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I have a very small nose.

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Just because he's good, doesn't mean he's wise.

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Lorraine made good use of the money we lent him.

You don't know what I was going to say.

I fixed the bike yesterday.


She spends a lot of time helping her children learn to deal with money.


It's a good day for going to the park.

You don't get paid much, do you?

Honour the face of the old man.

I just got back from the post office.

Daryl took a cab.


Sridhar moved to a company that offered him a higher salary.

I heard that you haven't been cooperating.

Be it black or white, a cat that catches mice is a good cat!


We've humiliated him.

How high is Mount Everest?

This should only take a few more minutes.


She asked for help, but no one came.

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He is always joking.

We're still trying to convince Anderson to go to college.

The defense attorney jumped to his feet and shouted "Objection!"

Will you lubricate the car?

It was incredible.


Here are the languages I want to learn, in roughly chronological order.


I just wanted to keep things simple.

The USA is the most dangerous place in the world to have a haircut.

The fine isn't very high.

Don't make a scene in such a public place.

I thought Josip would be happy.


Who ate my cake that I'd put in the fridge?

Mr. Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.

His grandfather died of cancer last year.


Did Micah have a problem with that?

Dan didn't even drive Linda home.

Why is Liza picking on me?


My father won't allow me to do that.

The room is furnished with two beds.

The town is an industrial community.


He read the letter again and again.

I can't make a decision about that right now.

Stanislaw gave me a tour of his house.


Include it.

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Are not you the cause of this for me?

Brenda tried to tell Miriamne that he didn't like her.

The sick boy is growing stronger each day.


You should have them arrested.

I don't often have an opportunity to use French.

Vladislav is going to have to study harder.

Being determines consciousness.

I strongly advise you get out of here right away.

Tandy put new locks on all his doors.

I'm just obeying orders.

How much could I make a week working here?

She fell asleep crying.

Italo Calvino was born in 1923 in Cuba.

How dare you marry my daughter without my consent!

I'm sorry Curt had to leave so early.

Will anything really change?


He went shopping at a department store.


When the Father asked the bride to repeat the oath, she stayed silent.


Mayumi is a healthy person. She almost never gets sick.


This is the first time I've ever made Marika happy.

Even if we end up being late, it doesn't bother us.

You can't bring that stuff into a hospital room.

The safest thing to do is just wait.

Joseph takes a power nap every day.

You'll never escape that way.

Raul had no idea what was happening.

Caffeine is a purinergic antagonist that competitively inhibits adenosine at the sites of P1 receptors.

You discovered my biggest weakness: excruciating pain.

I didn't read the whole thing.

This looks kind of cute.

I don't want to lose my ideas, even though some of them are a bit extreme.

To see the answer to the question, simply click on the question.

The sun and the moon had started to shine.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with his deed.

Odette fell in love with Prince Siegfried.

Tiefenthal seems slightly distracted.

I signed a lease.

I told Shadow I already knew.


We learn a lot from experience.

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If, on the other hand, children are left alone a great deal with nothing to do, they are likely to become dull and unintelligent.

Would you think about marrying me?

When Sanand entered the kitchen, the floor was covered in water.

It's my picture, not yours.

I was the second to last person to hear the bad news.

Would you care to join us?

Santa Claus brings gifts to children for Christmas.

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The town is supplied with water from a reservoir in the hills.

That sounds like something Jon would do.

These rules don't apply anymore.


Stephe told Romain he was on his way to Boston.

Tal wouldn't allow us to help him.

I'm trying to figure out why it happened.

That seems weird.

Would you mind cooking something for us?


Clare bought something for Cary.

How was your interview yesterday?

Mr. Jackson, what's your first name?

I'm perfectly normal.

Please make up your mind.

I need some paper with letterhead to send the quote to the new client.

She will visit her uncle in Kyoto next week.

I really want to go home now.

If you can't come, we'll understand.


I'd like to tell you, but I can't.

Get out of my class.

I still prefer to write letters by hand.


She's reading Chinese.


We hired a crane to lift the new air conditioner and place it on the roof.

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Looks like they're anxious to do business together.

He is a good friend of his.

You're very wise, Denis.


She still has much to learn.

I'm sticking with her.

He has a sense of humor.

I ran into my old teacher at the station.

I thought that he was innocent.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I have to make it happen.


I feel happiest when I am at home with my family.

I've been briefed.

Give me a piece of chalk.

I'd be happy to do whatever I can.

I'd hate to see that happen again.

Thank you for your letter!

If you can't afford travel insurance, then you can't afford to travel.


These trousers are made of durable cloth.


We need more trade agreements.


I paid at the appropriate time.

You should have telephoned in advance.

No, you have to make a connecting flight in Chicago.

What was the message?

He said to her under his breath.

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It would be good to sleep, even for just a little bit.