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Welcome to Cheaper Auto Insurance Quotes, this is a website that is dedicated to helping you to save money on your car insurance. For most people the cost of insurance is one of the largest expenses of driving. To make matters even worse most of us are paying more for insurance than we need to be. This site will allow you to compare the rates offered by a number of different companies to help make sure that you get the best possible rate.

One of the most remarkable things about auto insurance is the number of people who never bother to compare rates from one company to another. The result is that most people are spending far more than they need to be. This is especially shocking given the amount that most people are paying for their car insurance. It is strange that people who will spend half an hour at the grocery store comparing the cost of every can of spaghetti sauce just to make sure they save a dollar will not bother comparing insurance rates even though it could save them hundreds of dollars every year. Cheaper Auto Insurance Quotes is here to help; this site makes it easy to compare the premiums offered by the different insurance companies making it easy to compare rates.

The primary reason that most of us don't compare rates is that we were never taught to do it. We were taught the value of comparing prices when we did our other shopping but when it came to insurance we normally just paid whatever the agent told us the rate was. In large part this was because it was such a hassle to compare insurance rates since you had to get a quote from each company individually. Who could be bothered? Even if you did set out to get quotes from a number of different companies most of us ended up buying from the first company we talked to. Insurance agents are skilled salesman and frequently they talked us into buying insurance whether we intended to buy or not. For years the insurance company took full advantage of this and charged rates that were far higher than were necessary. Then along came the internet and changed everything.

The internet has had a dramatic impact on the way insurance is sold and more importantly on the way it is priced. No longer do the insurance companies monopolize the information on how much insurance costs. Nowadays anybody can go onto the internet and compare the prices offered by a number of different companies. This has forced the insurance companies to compete on price. Not surprisingly this has caused a dramatic drop in the cost of auto insurance premiums. This site, Cheaper Auto Insurance Quotes can help you to save money by allowing you to compare the rates offered by the major insurance providers. Even though the insurance providers are now competing on price there is still a difference in price from one company to another. This is mainly because they all assess risk differently so the one person may get the best rate from one company while somebody else gets the best rate from a different company.