PPC For Tech Support

It has been impossible to get a Google Ads account for tech support after the recent guideline update. Google/BING has become stricter for the tech support PPC accounts. Account suspension and low impression on keywords are some of the common problems you might face when you try to run PPC for Tech Support. We can help you with our 10+ year expertise in Tech Support industry and in-depth knowledge of PPC platforms like Google/BING.

SEO For Tech Support

Although SEO does not generate many leads for Tech Support business category, but it is a necessary part to get the digital footprints and it also helps in the PPC campaign performance. A well implemented SEO strategy can help to reduce PPC cost by improving ad quality and generating organic leads.

Website Design For Tech Support

Website designing for tech support is another tricky part of the business. It not only has to be visually attractive and user friendly, but it also has to comply with Search Engine’s guidelines. Many PPC account are purely unapproved/suspended due to faulty website design. Being a Google Partner Agency, we work closely with Google compliance team and prepare a website design template as per the channel guidelines.


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  • Tell customers reality, regardless of whether that is not what they need to hear.


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