We consider public libraries a legitimate citizen's right.


I had it made after my own plan.

Your order has been carried out.

Ahmet's handwriting is hard to read.

Send this parcel to him in care of his company.

Who's going to stop Annard?

Your mother must be proud.

Thank you for shopping with us!

When you are walking down the road, you can meet lots of people.

It's a very nice feeling.


This is not what I ordered.

We argued over this silly thing.

You owe me an apology.

I can't imagine my life without you.

She was left to her own devices.


The more one owns, the more one wants.

Certain circles keep saying the same thing insistently.

Ravindranath knew Maria didn't love him.

His life has completely changed when he married her.

Patience isn't one of my virtues.

Ami weighs a lot less than Naren.

She could not help worrying about her son.

You have to believe us.

You can't always make everyone happy.

Why was Don crying?

What exactly is it that you're asking me to do?

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Maria hasn't watched the news yet.

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The dogs drew blood from several protesters, including children, who were then pepper-sprayed in an unsuccessful attempt to drive them away from the construction site. Instead of arresting the security guards, the local police arrested 30 peaceful protesters, some of whom had been bitten by the fierce dogs.

Adjust the setting of the alarm clock.

Please keep your cynical remarks to yourself.


The fairy changed the prince into a cat.


I'm tired and want to lie down to sleep.

I rarely prepare for the world history lessons.

I can't bear this kind of pain.

He came to see me on the morning of May 15.

They talked for hours at cross purposes.


Anthony decided to send a message to Sofoklis.


The situation in Kyrgyzstan is a real mess.


We really don't have time.

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Hanako called his bluff.

You'll get your money.

Compared to those around him, he looked really happy.

Granville is able to play soccer.

Dan and Linda reconciled.

He would still be alive had he refused to go to the battlefield then.

If you were to ask your banker where he invests his money, you would also have to ask your dentist to open his mouth so you could examine his teeth.

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Kiki wanted to write Kathleen a song for her birthday.


We don't always know what makes us happy.

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They resemble each other in all respects.

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I don't worry about it.

Explain to him the difficult situation you are in.

Brad felt much happier.

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The minister contradicted his own statement.

You'll fit in well.

The table takes up a lot of space in this room.

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Don't ask me to choose between you and my job.


Japan is a rich country.

Daren focuses on the positive and doesn't dwell on the negative.

You live near here, don't you?

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I suggested that to Brandi.


I make a bargain with him over the price.

I stand a better chance alone.

We have a cash flow problem.

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My doctor told me to quit taking aspirin.

Many people will lose their jobs due to the slump in the auto industry.

It is said that the man goes to his house.

Not only you but also he is in the wrong.

Try it again.


I do feel sorry for Kuldip.


I hope that I will meet her this evening.

Real change for most black people, however, was very slow in coming.

I wouldn't do this if I didn't have to.

You are enough.

I've been trained to handle this kind of problem.

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The prisoners would have to go through yet one more hardship.


It was a group effort.

She wore a ribbon tied around her hair.

Mr Smith, whose car I borrowed for this trip, is a rich lawyer.

She seeded vegetables in her garden.

Any child can enjoy the story.

This stays between us, OK?

I had to let Thierry win.

What shall I do with her letter?

You grew up in poverty, didn't you?

Glittens are fingerless gloves with a mitten.

I just didn't want you to go there by yourself.

How beautiful nature made you! To whom are you fated to belong?

Why don't you get a little sleep?

That was pretty tough.

I only read the first three chapters.

I've never met anyone like her.

We're a bit busy at the moment. Can you hang on a minute?

Sanand said that was OK.

Keep it going.

We've waited a long time to meet you.

The world has ended yesterday while I was sleeping.

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We need to clean up.

Why are you asking me that?

This wine is over a year old.

The shoemaker said the shoes were too old to repair.

I'll show you what I can do.

I'm never going to amount to anything.

We live near the large library.

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We all want to go home.

A tanker is a ship carrying oil.

I owe her a great deal.

When is the next departure?

He is working in AIDS research.

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Are you fluent in French?

Henry looks angry.

Although the alarm rang I failed to wake up.

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You were my friend.

Linda hung up the phone and started crying.

I suppose you're not an expert in these matters.

I parted with my friend at the train station.

It's easier to cut wood with the grain.

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He's in the fourth year.

Don't lump all these issues together. You need to give every single one careful consideration.

Why are you always so cynical?

I preferred baseball to football in my childhood.

This book is too large to go in my pocket.

It didn't even cross my mind.

The post has to be collected.

He drank the beer in one gulp.

It's easy for him to compose a good poem.


The air of Sydney is cleaner than that of Tokyo.

Do you have a similar saying in Japanese?

"Fiction" is not the same as "lying"; it is a literary art form.

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He was sent to save the princess.

What kind of house do you live in?

I've analyzed the data.

I'm sure everyone understands.

I want a wife and children, and so I need a house.

When I woke up, she was gone.

We're going to be just fine.

I suspect him to be a liar.

He asked a few questions of me.

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He beat on a drunken man with his stick.

Pardon me, can you add another wine bottle please?

You know more than I do about German customs and traditions.


The only language Evan can speak is French.

He is awkward in his movements.

Kamiya was the last to go home.

In the U.S., as many as 216 million firearms are said to be in private hands.

Don't worry, this street is not obstructed

There's no need to tell on him and mess up their marriage.

I would never ever betray you.

Knut was stabbed in the chest three times.

Rogue was attacked by Stanly's sister.


Mahesh wanted me to speak to you.

He blew on the tip of his fingers.

I'd rather go to the zoo than to a museum.

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To tell the truth, the widow suffered from stomach cancer.

The pedestrians must cross only at the green light.

I want to make friends with your sister.

Do you think that I'm insane?

Some people will not eat fish with milk.

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We will deal with this problem in Chapter Three.

What a great dinner!

We got lost in the desert with no water or food.


Bill can run fastest in his class.