May I ask what that means?

My father bought me a digital watch for birthday present.

She was captured trying to steal jewelry.

But it is unlikely that something is strange to everyone in every way.

Ragnar finally got what he wanted.

He had bruises all over his body after the fight.

Do not put your books on the table.

Herve gave us a lot of money.

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How come Luis didn't finish?

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What would you like after dinner? Coffee, tea, or mint water?

Oleg had the whole campsite to himself.

You might try asking George.

Give him my regards.

Vance wrote Sanford a letter in French.

Does it matter to you how much it costs?

She fell in love with a young officer.

You have a beautiful name.

Skeeter should do what Patricia suggested.


It's prohibited in most countries.


I'm sorry for not being more supportive when you needed me to be.

Aygul is not in a good position to answer the phone right now as she's holding a meeting.

The castle, burnt down in 1485, was not rebuilt.

I can't tell you anything yet.

Knock yourself out, Ricky.

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I hear that she's Mr. Smith's secretary.

They carried on with the construction in the face of strong opposition from the residents.

We watched a TV program the other day about your people.

Would you call me for your wedding party?

The employees voted on the manager's proposal.

We have great kids.

Les suggested that we go downtown.

The young girl wants to be famous like Nicki Minaj.

Wine is made from grape juice.

I studied English very hard day after day.

He gave me back talk.


It's still mine.

This dictionary is very expensive, but is worth buying.

I rarely, if ever, talk on the phone till late at night.

The restaurant was fairly empty, so I could read in peace while I ate.

He contracted that illness many years ago.

Would you mind if I take a look?

Please tell Sanche to wait for about thirty minutes.

They didn't have a prayer.

I just don't agree with you.

Think outside the box.

He takes pride in his son.

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Radek got a new pair of glasses.

Our success was due in part to good luck.

You're too humble.


We showed him some pictures of London.

Rees smiled gratefully.

People here are very prejudiced.

Dylan doesn't look like he's having any fun.

Romain has gotten a lot taller since the last time I saw him.

Shakespeare's plays were written in Elizabethan English.

I made a decision to study abroad.

I don't care about anyone else!

I said Hartmann is a friend.


It was a scary moment.

Please feed the cat.

Vladislav has been told.

It's just basic common sense.

Can you see him moving?

I don't have time to travel.

You've given us what we need.


The fire went on for some time before it was brought under control.

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You had better not play on his generous nature.

What do I care?

This doesn't make any sense.

Edith isn't even here yet.

I had to tell him myself.

In which hotel will you be staying?

Welcome home, my love!

We might need to help her.

What time does the mailman come?

Turn the corner and you'll see the store you're looking for.

They worked hard for the sake of their children.

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Get your coat, Revised.


I know it now for sure.


Miss Jackson did not appear.

Skip goes to work every day but Sunday.

How could you be so certain?


He doesn't realize that he doesn't have time for these things.

I hope I'm not interrupting you.

He didn't participate in the story.


It is a cherry-picking concept.

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Why do you think that was?

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Today is full moon.

She was elected to the Senate in 2008.

Amos was horrible to me in high school.

This is a sentence.

She assembles computers.


Do all plants carry out photosynthesis?

That would be illegal, right?

I want my children to go to college.


You don't need to bring up the matter.

I had no choice but to stay.

The Kalmar Union was governed by the powerful danish Queen, Margrete I.


Who brought you here?

I'd rather peel potatoes with a potato peeler than with an ordinary knife.

Who made it?

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I can wait no longer.

I can see much better with these glasses.

I'm good!

Japanese parents are not keen to talk about their own children.

Three of my friends have gotten married to Canadians.

I am not concerned with this affair.

Patrice is banned from entering this building.

Did Linley leave something here for me?

Adam is a college student.

Why did you lend money to someone like her?

Upon seeing that, he stood up.

A man who angers easily should learn to count to ten - it calms trouble like pouring oil on troubled waters.

You have no legal right to seize my property.

The doctor told me not to eat too much.

You want Merat to be safe, don't you?

He is married to an American lady.

She is a very attractive woman.

Is this the art department?

Lenora didn't want Craig to see him in handcuffs.

I saw some swimmers floating on the lake in their life jackets.

Life is but a flash of lightning, beauty lasts for a single day! Think about the skulls of the dead that are all alike.


What kind of sport do you like the best?

She was running down the street clutching two toddlers, one in each arm.

He turned to the right instead of turning to the left.

Edgar isn't much of an athlete.

We may need some help.


You're too cynical.

Dan survived with minor injuries.

I want you guys to meet him.

Herman likes jazz.

I want to speak to you alone.


I thought you had more sense than to go out with Wendi.

I would love to read a book on the history of laughter.

Cary should be easy to find.

I'd say that's a good idea.

Shall we speak Swiss German together?

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I waited for her a long time.

Brooke stopped himself.

I'm out of gas.

German punctuation is pedantic, English punctuation is chaotic, and for Esperanto Dr. Zamenhof suggested we look towards our mother tongue as a guideline. Go figure!

Easy living corrupted the warrior spirit.


Jimmy decided that it wasn't necessary to paint the ceiling.

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Ask whichever of the boys you see first.


He sticks to his principles.

The dry season will set in soon.

The man is wearing a pair of glasses.


You can call me at any time you like.

Today's meeting has been cancelled.

The pain started last night.

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I didn't think you would come.

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I have as many books as he.

I bought it a month ago.

William greeted Brandon in French.

I don't think this is the right one.

Wherever I go, I won't lose my passion.

We will help him if he asks us.

I have really funny friends.

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John was another great player.


Neville walked Rhonda to the subway station.

The weather turned better.

He's not responding to my texts.

I'll be happy to discuss any problem you might have.

I have found what I was looking for.

When were you planning on telling Fletcher about your accident?

I've been very happy.