This is a picture of you.

Norma is wearing a T-back.


Let's shelter here from the rain.

Harv is worried sick about Casper.

Matt has got to be in this building somewhere.

Aha, you did it, didn't you?

I sat up last night until two o'clock watching the Olympic Games on TV.

For you who love adventure, this kind of hiking will meet your need.

Welcome, prisoners... I mean, guests.


He's one of the best.


You don't happen to know where Shyam is, do you?

I told him I'm not interested.

Luc's happy not to be in your shoes.

Bears hibernate during the winter.

It's up to the engineers to make sure that this tunnel doesn't collapse.

You must put a period at the end of each declarative sentence.

We didn't know which bus we would take.

He had to comply with her decision.

I don't often watch TV anymore.

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She parties too hard.

No rational person, of whatever political persuasion, could possibly object to the program.

School starts at 8:40.

Is the coach frustrated?

We're useless.


There are still some problems.

He has a good knowledge of Japanese religion.

You're not as beautiful as you think you are.


Vijay and I are lifeguards.

Don't look directly at him.

Phillip is talking on the phone with Sandra.

Why don't you go back to Boston?

Actually, Micheal is now my ex-girlfriend.


I still haven't found my keys.

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You must be quite accustomed to using chopsticks by now.

Hans is afraid of dogs.

Vidhyanath reluctantly let Shutoku into his house.


Linda is a smart girl.

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I heard Billie come in.

Bradley is particular about what he wears.

She prides herself on her talent.

I think Charles has a plan.

The Way produces one, one produces two, two produces three, and three produces the myriad things.


The doctor is seeing that patient.


Please be patient with me.

Shut up, the both of you.

He found a broken camera.

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He was aware of my presence but he did not greet me.

Do you know where Holly is?

Contrary to popular belief, Spock isn't that naive.

Kemal took risks.

I'm so sorry that I doubted you.


We can't get along without her.

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Maureen said he'd like to visit Boston.

How often do you hang out with Elijah?

Brad wrote a book while he was in Australia.

I think you know them.

Vickie is good at drawing.

She ditched me.

Can I make one observation?


Bread and milk are good foods.


The human eye is like a camera.


Where did you live?

Aaron isn't a soldier.

The room is too small to play in.

It took a long time to put out the fire.

Smoking prohibited inside elevator.

Jaime will come by.

I'm getting a bad feeling here.


I became aware of someone looking at me.


All employees had to memorize the access code.


Almost no one thinks that we are sisters.

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If I really want to do something, I'll have limitless time to do it, since time (the present moment, the now) has no dimension.


We're pretty busy right now.

Sean won't like it in Boston.

Come under my umbrella, or you'll get wet.

In art, as in love, instinct is good enough.

They couldn't help us.

I'm pretty sure I told you before not to do that.

Tuna doesn't always wear a tie to work.

I went to bed at 9pm, but fell asleep at 10pm.

I would've done that for you.


She stood in admiration of the garden.

Manjeri was embarrassed.

If you break your promise we're through, right?

They bought a parrot.

Darci hates Price.


"Whose pens are these?" "They are Kory's."


It's not like you to be late.


Why do you think it was Amir who did that?

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Micah was forty-five minutes late.

We have a lot of regular customers.

I'm a little hurt.


Does this sentence make sense?

The situation has come to the point where we either sink or swim.

I didn't pose for any pictures.

A wife who can be quiet is a gift of God.

Do you have a coin?

Why do people always say that?

I should tell Kenneth.

Ding is playing on computer.

The doctor ordered her to go on a strict diet.

What're we supposed to do with that?

I'm telling you I had no choice.


Others were excluded too, right?

This watch is superior to that one.

Piotr is at most 13 years old.

Everybody started waving his flag.

Few students can read Latin.

That's my province.

A protagonist as plain and ordinary as him is rare indeed.

Suddenly I felt something like a jolt.

That young man is going to go far in this profession.

She became a great-great-grandmother just days before turning ninety-nine.

Tickets are $30 for general admission and $20 for students and seniors.

I've tried to talk to Clarissa.

I'll handle that later.

Now that the line of scrimmage has been moved back to the 15-yard line, the extra point after touchdown is no longer a fait accompli.

You were with Laura yesterday, weren't you?

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We lost sight of each other.

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Our store hours are from 10 to 7.

I get the feeling you don't really want me to stay.

Starbuck cared for his sick father.

Darin calls me all the time.

This never happened.

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Try to fulfill your duty.

I wasn't able to rent a car.

I think I understand the pressures you are under.

"The Mirabeau Bridge" is a very beautiful poem by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Is everything OK with him?


Do I need a reason?

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As usual he brought me nothing.

Win isn't going to like this one bit.

I'm positive it was Bryce I saw at the park.

I went to Bali for summer vacation.

A fat guy with moustache just walked in.

Did you see the transcript?

The readership of print newspapers has been declining steadily in recent years.

She has an elegant manner.

Chinese whispers is a game played around the world, in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group.

What Morgan doesn't know about cars isn't worth knowing.

Did Francisco ask you to come talk to me?

Please put your baggage on this scale.

This book contains many pictures.

We were startled by the explosion.

Before we welcome the beautiful tomorrow, every rich men will ensure they have sufficient rest!

The note was from her.

I'm a huge fan of trains.

Aren't you excited?

Have you ever signed a contract?

I hate insects.

I want him put in prison.

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Thomas likes Anna, but Anna doesn't like Thomas.

Edgar looked at the calendar.

I didn't have much water.

Is that all your small change?

Don't sit up till late.

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Mr. Kato teaches us English.

Soohong was thirsty and asked for some water.

I played tennis with Rebecca yesterday.

I don't want to talk to anybody today.

I'm sure that's what Manavendra would've wanted.

He came out to his guests dressed as a woman.

Bob was looking for someone to talk with.