It all started the day I was born.

How long will you remain in London?

It'll be a long time before I can afford to buy a house.


Are you smoking crack or something?

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He borrowed one hundred bucks from me.

Donnie is completely correct.

I hope that she'll get better soon.

Are you dependable?

I have something you want.

Does this cap belong to you?

The speed with which we forget is just unbelievable.


These are all quotations from the Bible.


I was interested in seeing the city.

I'm sorry my pronunciation isn't very good.

I need first aid.

What do carnations smell like?

A river flows in the valley.


She promised that she would meet him after school.

How do I know that you're not working for Juan?

It's at the back of the building.

I don't know what Emma wanted.

Ruth used to play the banjo when he was younger.

I wanted to see how Judith was doing.

I'm not too late, am I?

Sorrel and Simon continued to look at each other.

Christofer didn't tell Edgar anything at all about his plan.


Can you find the time to play with our daughter?

I remembered that boys will be boys.

All kinds of women inspire me.

This is a good place to camp.

His memory had betrayed him.

We have let the fox in the hen house.

What do we know?

I knew I should've studied French.

I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

I'm glad to see you two have finally quit fighting.

It won't budge.

Holly doesn't smoke.

Every member of the cabinet was present.

Do you think anyone can see me?

It was very stressful.


Are you disrespectful?

Those houses are 500 years old.

Jinny turned to Tobias for advice.

The boy hurt himself with a knife.

That was the source of his troubles.

She specially loved roses, and therefore she possessed the most beautiful varieties of this flower.

I'll call on Mr Brown tomorrow.

Figaro invited us to his marriage, but we were late and when we arrived everyone had left a long time ago.

Children are the flowers of our lives. Nothing decorates a house better than children carefully set in the corners.

Pria said he didn't feel hot.

How far is it to the green?

You're not as smart as you think you are.

Happy Mothering Sunday.

Anderson doesn't want to negotiate.

Jackson could not trust them.

What'll happen to you if you don't obey Bucky?

He has a sociable disposition.

I planned a party for Srinivas.

He is inclined to get mad.


I was almost hit by a car.

This house is made of stone.

It's OK with me if Barney watches television after he finishes his homework.

I owe you an apology.

Let them live.

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Is there anything for me?

I don't love anyone else. I love you.

Al refused my request.

Lori entered the empty room and immediately noticed a lit cigarette in the ashtray.

They did not want to answer my questions.


I don't want to sit next to her.

How often do you watch TV?

Nothing is easier than finding fault with others.

We haven't heard from Robert in ages.

Noam never acted like he was ashamed of me.

I've got news for you.

This book was very interesting.

Even if I knew where Patrice was, I wouldn't tell you.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I'll have visited Canada twice if I go there again.

You have real potential.

I found it impossible to explain what he is really like.

We're looking desperately for a place to land.


Malloy was one of my better students.

She came to Brittany when war broke out.

Where do you use it?

Samuel handed Tim a drink.

We have two daughters and one son.

Does that mean that we won?

I think it's time for me to ask for directions.

How many combat situations have you been in?

"What do you mean?" Dima asked, but burped, for if he remained silent, this sentence would be too simple.


I expect him to come soon.


Hui may have misunderstood you.

Do you think Merat was depressed?

October is still three months off.

How stupid do you think I am?

She speaks ten languages.

Carisa finally succeeded in getting a job that he liked.

The farmer is scattering seeds over the field.

He loves Hokkaido.

He's open-minded.

Please tell me again how to do this.

Hirofumi sat by the window.

How did you figure this all out?

He was bullied as a kid.


You ought to take your father's advice.


I think it is good that books still exist, but they do make me sleepy.


I don't want to be involved in that matter.


Judy was lucky to get the job.


He was very sick but his health is improving.


That was extremely brave.

The guests listened to a number of speeches.

His sisters as well as he are now living in Kyoto.

We should've brought another bottle of wine.

Nicolas walked quickly up the stairs.

Russell accidentally stapled the fleshy part of his ear.

He is a rich but dull man.

We are going downtown to eat pizza.

Never contradict your elders.

Radek wants to ride a bull.

I play football since I was thirteen.

I just didn't believe you.

No cure for the common cold exists, but the symptoms can be treated.

Didn't you have a reservation?

I don't know many words in Hebrew.

Lola danced with grace.

I think Johnathan needs a ride to the airport.


Your privacy is important to our company.

Roman asks me the same questions every time he sees me.

I never go on vacation without my cellphone.

The game was one point back and forth the whole game.

The answer is 42.

I am great.

Let's speak in French.

After it rains the air is fresh.

Mind if I join you guys?

I said it!

We'll do fine without you.


I don't enjoy teaching French.

Eugene needs to seek help.

We tried hard to get first prize in the chorus contest.

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She sat on the sofa, reading a magazine.

Vishal always insists that he's right even when we all know that he's wrong.

These may come in handy.

Have you ever seen a monkey?

He ran out of money.

My brother is interested in what you call pop music.

They're very useful.


You've frightened Susumu.


Let's not discuss this in front of Huey and Alison.


I'm speaking to you as a friend.

The union exerts a dominant influence on the conservative party.

This is really delicious soup, isn't it?

Are you going or staying?

It is possible to fence oneself out from the outer world with a newspaper.

I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do something about that.

The third aria is the part in which she makes herself heard the best.

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Philippe made it quite clear what he didn't want us to do.

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He is a bit older than me.


These compliments encourage me to continue. However, there's still a long way to go.

Reading makes me happy.

It's not a crow. It's a raven.


I'm watching out for your baby.

I don't like to sew, but I shall have to shorten these trousers.

Good day, how may I help you?

The curtain was rising then.

I want to show you something very special.

I was on the road to the town.

Vladislav doesn't like to go out after dark.