I simply want to get a little sleep.

Siping never was very practical.

We need to use your phone, it's an emergency.

Everybody wished he had been elected governor.

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Give me a minute to think about it.

Turn down the television.

Lee Leffingwell is the head of the Austin City Council.


Neville pretended nothing had happened.


You must not rely too much on appearance.


The policeman protected the witness.


I live in Boston with my family.

Don't forget about Elijah.

I had a chat with Terry.

I don't like your boss.

I've been a groundskeeper for over 30 years now.


Many politicians were accused of corruption, voter fraud and theft of public money.

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I now doubt the whole concept of a "natural sentence". Every sentence is linked to time, place, education and social class.

There were various articles in the room.

We can make this work.

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I was surprised that Giovanni didn't win.

The old man walked across the road carefully.

First I learned to ride a bicycle. Then I learned to drive.

He departed from the old custom.

You will get well in a week or so.

What the hell are you two doing?

I just want to read the news.


Bring me a cup of coffee, please.

We're placing you under arrest.

You can get rid of the cold if you take this medicine.

The queen reigns, but does not rule in England.

He turned around.

I want to dream.

Helen Keller was blind, deaf, and dumb.

Yes, certainly.

Are you going to be at this afternoon's meeting?

Daryl doesn't expect anything from Galen.

He leans to the left side of the political spectrum.

I may have made some minor mistakes in translation.

He is a highly paid man.

You are making a big fuss.

She broke both her arms.

I wear white shirts on weekdays.

Isn't this fun?

Sri suspected Darren and John were dating each other.

Ruby on Rails is an agile development platform, which means we can respond to feedback from our customers very quickly.

My full name is Ricardo Vernaut, Junior.

You're bullying someone smaller than you again!


Both of the rooms are open.

Bruce is looking for a new job.

Do you have something that you want to say to me?

I can't be sure of anything anymore.

He is homeless.

Philip stretched out on the grass and fell asleep.

We want to make learning effective, interesting, and fascinating.

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How many days old was I when this picture was taken?

Mother has just gone out shopping.

I am convinced of his innocence.

Case is upset about this.

Ahmed can speak French and so can I.

It all started in this place.

Let's just get rid of her.

Can I give you some advice?

I don't want to ever speak to you again.


Their business came to a standstill for want of money.

I hate this teacher.

I know where you hide your money.

I mended my torn shirt, too.

I can't afford it.

Moe does like you. I'm sure of it.

Has the Foreign Secretary arrived yet?

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My friends are all married.

He looks like a player.

Life is a gift. Accept it.

I tried to get her to stop.

Wade is flustered.

The line was huge and stretched all the way around the block.

Could I change these pounds for dollars, please?


Heather would've loved this place.

Youth is the springtime of life, but there are also springtimes that are rained out.

Doesn't that prove anything?

I was actually kind of serious.

Thank you for your beautiful postcard.


Kuldip had no intention of helping Sandy.

He works hard and he is honest.

Japan has many different characteristics.

You arrive soon, don't you?

His hard life is telling on his health.


She was tricked up in jewels.

It's very uncomfortable.

Our teacher sometimes speaks too fast.


Be sure to take medicine three times a day.

Israel cut the cake in half.

Not bad for a beginner.

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Syd didn't wear a tie to work today.

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You're foolish.

He has natural gifts.

Eduardo was addicted.

The Canadian chopped down the tree with an ax.

I drank too much and the ground seemed to spin under my feet.

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How long have you known me, Jeff?

Jim had his camera stolen.

He rested and became stronger.

This peach is a work of art.

A truck knocked over a light pole and a traffic light.

English is a language spoken all over the world.

She awoke in the middle of the night.


By the time I woke up, it was late already.


I will have left here before you return.

There's a simple solution to this problem.

You must be polite to your elders.


Do you have any idea what this is?


Earthquakes are very common in New Zealand, with up to 14,000 being recorded each year, of which less than 200 are actually felt.


She's still under age.

I have read every book in the library.

She is a dull and ugly girl. I don't understand why she's so admired.

It was definitely Jerry's fault.

Do you want some free advice?


Lemaitre proposed that the universe began as a single primordial atom of energy, something hot and dense that exploded, causing space to expand outward.

At the time of the incident, Sherman was in his office.

My father exercises every day for his health.


Amos entered through the back door.

I love snow.

She wore a pretty hat.


I don't think we have anything to explain.

Do you know what's happening?

You're greedy.

What was going on?

Jeffrey seems to be easygoing.


The Ghost of Cock Lane is an English ghost story from the 18th century.

I wanted to make sure you were all right.

I was thinking about asking her out.


If you break your promise we're through, right?

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You took the elevator up to the third floor.

It has been written in Polish!

Hazel certainly wouldn't be pleased if Eli decided to go back to work.

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This product is fun to use.


Do any of you know him?


A building, before it can be constructed, has to be visualized hundreds of times in the mind of an architect.

His constant efforts brought about peace.

If you see him before I do, tell him I miss him very much.

Have you ever known me to be mistaken?

I have to comb my hair.

Don't call them freaks.

A bug bit me.

I'll keep it a secret.

Be like the palm tree - the more it gets pressed by the cliff, the quicker and more beautiful its rise to the top.

I don't think I like that.

Doing that would be a very bad idea.

Parliament members had a raucous argument over the Wiretapping Law.

Eva already knows a lot.

Marriage isn't really something that young people are interested in.

It is better to lie low until this affair blows over.


I suggest you let them go.

I will help you.

I'm just a poor student.

I think you've been in this town too long.

When you frequently communicate and have relationships with people from other countries and cultures, you end up learning a lot of things, though sometimes that can be due to misunderstandings and surprises.

She was very surprised at the news.

It's sort of a long story.

Micky was shot three times in the back.

What time does your plane leave?

I shvitzed the whole day while schlepping that dreck around.

My car was stolen last night.

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You do know how to drive, don't you?