Starbuck and Del have achieved remarkable results using their new technique.

So there's no love lost between them then?

Are you guys doing well?

You should work harder.

The door to my room screeches when I open it. I wonder if there's something wrong with it.

Why are you clearing the garden?


It's not going to work, is it?

I'm sticking my leg out.

He's got a couple screws loose.

Why are you saying that to me?

Everybody is a slave to the current socioeconomic system that was invented through the years by unintelligent people.

Translated, "Tokyo" means "eastern capital."

Richard and Vincenzo ran into the air-raid shelter.


He was relieved when she informed him that she had a rich new boyfriend.


That's not illegal.

It's all about sentences. Not words.

He is very clever for a boy of ten.

That doesn't bother Kamiya.

How could I refuse?


Work is preferable to idleness.

"Certainly if someone is _that_ beautiful you'd draw back from approaching her." "Thought you'd agree."

That's all I can offer you.

The theater used to open on Mondays only.

My friends came to see me the day before yesterday.

Miriam is very quiet.

Irfan lied about his weight.


You could count to ten when you were two years old.

What's wrong with you guys?

Please don't cut in while I'm talking with him.

The fields were covered by heavy snow.

Where he will live doesn't interest us.

Stay away from me.

If I were rich, I'd do the same thing as I do now: nothing.

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I couldn't let Anton go without saying goodbye.

Doctors thought he had a cold.

A big title does not necessarily mean a high position.


They need you at the meeting.

Mr Potter keeps himself in good condition by going jogging every day.

You must catch the animal alive.

Bertrand injured his left hand in an accident.

This film was praised as a completely engaging thriller that works on almost every level.

I bought a pair of earrings.

Elias looks like he's having fun.


I just want to say I'm glad you're here.

Do you know which deity this temple is dedicated to?

We don't have a car.


He is a bit older than me.


He is related to the family.

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Across the bridge, there is a little cottage.

"I don't know," admitted Erick.

Once more!

I wouldn't blame him.

If you want to get out of here alive, listen to me.

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She went to the movies by herself.


Are there still women who use your language at home?

They got to business.

This is all that is known so far.

I'd like to talk to you.

You don't look like a cop.

What does Butler think of your music?

The pillow isn't clean.


Rich told me he wanted to teach me French.

What are you guys going to do?

The party finished at nine.


We are working hard on the field today.

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'Well,' said the king, 'what do you desire as your reward?'

Some English adverbs function as adjectives.

I heard a Japanese nightingale.

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I need a bath.


I think I know how you feel.

Wilmer is an exceptional basketball player.

Who was playing?

Noemi rides a scooter.

During this trip I met several interesting and very kind individuals.

Ernst made it clear that I shouldn't do that.

I need them for an exam.

I don't know his real name.

As soon as she read the letter, she began to cry.

All that which is invented, is true.

Wes and Galen are awake.

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She doesn't live in my neighbourhood.

That's just what I was going to say.

Finally, it was over.


I believe that people should be hardworking.


The incident prevented him from going to America.

We were going along in the rain.

Was that Robert's actual voice or did she lip sync the song?

Forever we will change, forever we will learn.

Everyone looked.

I won't tie your shoelaces for you.

Wang Xiaoming speaks English, but doesn't have a lot of English books.

Where did you get it?

Zamenhof, creator of the constructed language Esperanto, was an ophthalmologist.

What will they do with Po?

In front of the water fountain, there was a young woman accompanying herself on a guitar.

Dad, put Mum on the phone.

I've been here too long.


They're ready.

I used to be a cook many years ago.

He wasn't certain in which direction he should go and he'd forgotten whither he was traveling and who he was.

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The salad is incomplete without olive oil, croutons and nuts.


I know exactly what you're talking about.

Why would someone do this?

Where is the nearest lost and found?

Everyone got sick.

The cranes tend to make their nests in the bell towers of churches.


I can't remember the melody of that song.

I don't need a flu shot.

How long does the airport shuttle take to get to the airport?

Are you for or against the project?

That's what I'm here for.


We'll talk tonight.


I'm afraid he'll kill me. There's no telling what he could do.


Take care of it.


Walt has been sick since last month.


I am Ji Sung Park.


Margie quickly figured it out.

I know when I'm not needed.

Let me get us something to eat.


It's the guest who makes the feast.

Dirk traveled into the future and found that climate change had destroyed all life on Earth.

Julie wondered when you bought your tennis racket.

I am curious about Japanese culture.

The threshold of a door is akin to the sill of a window, but it is exactly the same as the sill of a door.


I have only leaves and apples.


I assume you all read about it.


Did you take her back to your apartment?


My dog was taken care of by Lucy.

Barrett has still not heard from Patrick.

Write your answer with a pen.

She met Jennifer here.

Kamel is an avid tennis player.

I wish I had more.

Don't tell Novo about this.


The plan won't work.


Just themselves know what they're saying.

I would never be your husband.

Why are you getting upset?

Tandy didn't show up at the party.

Hillary was the worst.

It seems that the addition of cream and milk is not necessarily needed.

He asked me a question.

Lana is way younger than me.

You should study still harder.


What the king says is always absolute.


Which floor does he live on?

I watched it on Dailymotion.

It's common courtesy.


Don't worry. My lips are sealed.


Why would I give you my phone number?

She was tempted to call his bluff, hardly believing that he would carry out his threat.

After that he began to enjoy life again and gradually recovered.


She intends to play tennis this afternoon with her father.

Are you expecting any visitors?

The audience laughed before they even heard the translation in French.

Stan will explain everything to you later.

They came out well.