What's wrong with this plan?

Surely Guido is aware of that.

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She always wanted to start a family.


Thanks for the party.

Wait, what? That doesn't make any sense!

I know a way to find out.

Emily has been learning German for five years.

Mysore dreamed of becoming a successful businessman.

Toft had a bad dream last night.

Have you ever complained to the manager?

They earn their living by collecting and selling old newspapers.

Anton is almost as old as my father.

We tried again to bump off the politician, but couldn't do it.

The play's over.

No nation's security and well-being can be lastingly achieved in isolation but only in effective cooperation with fellow-nations.

Why were 14,000 soldiers lost?

Those birds build their nests in the summer and fly to the south in the winter.

Why don't you leg it?

To tell the truth, I have never spoken Portuguese.

Chinese firms have embarked on a quest to conquer the world market.

I'd like to take a look around.

Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body.


The company aims to branch out into China.

How do you know Gretel?

Ramadoss may not be as happy as he seems.

Mr Smith founded this school forty years ago.

She was born in the United States and grew up in Japan.

My mother works at an office.

I'm having second thoughts.

The colony declared independence and became a republic.

Yes, that's our manager.

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They made many charges.


I may be plump, but I'm vigorous.

The body of a plane is called the fuselage.

Are you seeing a man?

Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict.

There were no seats left.


The number of casualties is still unknown.

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There were various articles in the room.


Those usually drinks red wine.

I went ahead on the road.

You should carry out your promises.


If you don't like the service, don't leave a tip.

Where were you on the night of October 20th?

I don't want to miss my flight.

I have gray hair.

He's going bald.

Man's but a bubble.

None of the boys paid any attention to Real.

So who are we talking about?

What was her reaction?

Do you want to have lunch with me?

I really don't want you to go.

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Blue is my favorite color.


Why would Maureen be angry at Naim?

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You're the girl of my dreams.

He came into the room with his hat and coat.

Who the hell is Adam Kadmon?


We should celebrate together.


Teresa always wears a helmet when riding his motorcycle.


You said you'd go to Boston with me.

They had only one child.

I hear he has been ill since last month.

How did the accident come about?

I don't know when he got back from France.

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Is this Spass's?

Would you like to be rich?

The trial will continue Monday.

We need everyone to be patient.

You saw that movie, didn't you?

I'll see you in a couple days.

I just want a little more.


What's the difference between "May I" and "Can I"?

When was the last time you felt love?

Can you teach me how to do that?


The animals are running.


What surprised me most was that she didn't like candy.

Where are you going in such a hurry, girl?

We were proactive.

We'll talk about that over supper.

We want to live here.

He's been in the service for 50 years.

Terri's a threat.

Rex said they were lucky.

Next time I see this sentence, I will translate it.

Carl ripped the envelope open.

He was devoid of human feeling.

There was no explosion.

He keeps to the letter of the law.


I never sleep in.


Doyle finally talked Collin into lending him her accordion.

When you don't eat leafy foods, you can't get vitamins.

This politician is suspected of having connections to organized crime.

The results were as follows.

The doctor told me to eat fewer high-calorie snacks.

Marsha isn't what he was three years ago.

Barney is my twin brother.

I usually keep a diary when I travel.

He is proud of never having been beaten in ping-pong.

The place is a beehive of activity.

Look back.

A language is not something you learn all at once.

Did he forget his money again?

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They were full of an unexplainable longing to be humiliated and insulted.

Lorenzo didn't let me in on his secret.

I hope Butler sticks around.

By whom was this poem written?

She's out for a walk.

He was a kind master to his servants.

I think that this book is too girly for my taste.

What's wrong with my manners?

Looking out of the window, I saw a rainbow.

Your homework assignment has to be turned in by the 20th.

We're so excited.

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I have information for Ariel.


I feel a sort of spasm in my left leg.


I heard you were having problems at school.

She's not faking it.

Sergio and Edith are doing their homework.

My cat likes to look through the window.

There's nothing as precious as love.

Leung's a good-hearted person.

Don't you hate that?

Ronaldo? He seems to be traveling.

Dry your eyes.


Our best efforts availed us little.


Alfred plans to sell his house.

Ssi does crap work.

You should have told me.


Can't you come with us?

Who made it?

Panacea appreciated Sjaak's hard work.

He says one thing and means another.

The criminal escaped from prison.

When can I see him again?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I think Kenn is entirely wrong about Nils.

Douglas was lucky to get the job.

Ethan still isn't sure what he should do.

It seems that Taro doesn't have any girlfriends.

I think that would explain everything.

This letter bears a foreign stamp.


Nichael came here on his own.

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Moran wished he had studied harder.

It seems like you know me, but I don't know you.

Jack can't afford a new bicycle.


Every sunday, I drive to my local Buddhist temple. I drive really fast, with loud music on.


The newspaper says that he committed suicide.


How can I jump so high?

I'm here every night.

Is the road all right to drive on?

It's a pity that Lynne died so young.

I'm impatient for spring to arrive.

It appears that she had a nice time at the party.

He demands immediate payment.

Rich said he was ready to talk.

I don't want to be distracted.

I don't want you to tell him.

That boy looks like Nancy.


It is a chair.

What did you like about it?

First of all, I'm not for sale.


Vijay is looking a lot better.

I was born on a ship.

What makes you think I won't do that?