She continued to see him in disregard of my advice.

Beth told Matt that she should be ashamed of herself.

We're not going to force Lynnette to do this.

Wolfgang must've gone that way.

The town restored this old historic building.


I speak French almost every day.


Donnie played the accordion while Hillel danced.

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It's time for breakfast.

Promises are made to be broken.

Shakil can fix the heater.

I shouldn't have kissed him.

I don't think we were spotted.


Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool.

We have French in third period.

I know you hired them.

Reiner didn't keep Luc waiting long.

It's too painful.

This could cost her her job.

I have gone.

He is in the prime of life.

Ssi propped himself up on his elbow.

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Can you imagine what I am thinking now?


Jane grew up to be a fine lady.

Mohammad came close dying twice last night.

Hurray for Italian women!

He became a hobo.

There are no fish in this lake.


Say anything you want to say.

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I was asked, "You OK, kid?". I replied, "Fine."

What could you have done?

How do I know when my car needs a brake job?

I thought that we'd be together forever.

It's not easy to pick out the best actors for this play.

It'll cost you a fortune to buy the kind of house you want.

She doesn't like to associate with Bill.

Helping him was a mistake.

She made up her mind to go abroad.

Jurevis seems dependable.

Nobody beats him!

What's your feeling about the idea?

Shouldn't we give it to Brandi?

Everybody at school knows your name.

She has as many as seven children.

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We won't get cold.

Lin is domineering, isn't he?

Can you keep him there?

What is your password?

I'm looking for adventure.

Don't make me hit you.

Tareq didn't seem to be hungry.

The children helped tend the crops, milk the cows, and feed the horses and chickens.

I'm not Uyghur. I'm Russian.

There are only two seasons in the tropics.

He told me about it in private.

They sell us freshly caught fish in the early morning market.

Amy has always been the kind of guy who gets into fights.

Invite her over to watch a movie.

They lifted her above their heads.

I'm trying to get in touch with her sister.

Johan doesn't look too worried.

He grew up in Australia.

Many peoples are using Russian swears in their speech.

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I only buy soft toilet paper.

I even made Raif laugh.

Lou began to beat Duncan.

Who is taller, Ken or Taro?

It's unlikely that our team will win.

If I were a boy, I could join a baseball team.

Blake won't live long.


He's intimidated by beautiful women.


On the eve of the festival, people go out for a walk by the river.

She will have a child next month.

How many lifeboats are there?

Can it really be mine?

They were chosen at random.


Kimmo wants to borrow my car tomorrow.


Kimberly stayed at home by himself.

You never asked what I wanted.

You're a funny guy.

I really need a vacation.

He was making a speech, but he broke off when he heard a strange noise.

Go ahead and start.

I may have seen that film before, but I can hardly remember it.


Put it right there.

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I'm heading towards Boston now.


She treated each of us to an ice cream.

I'll tell you what's wrong.

She looked very young.

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I should know better than to drink on an empty stomach.


My little sister sometimes wished she was a boy.

Have you finally lost your nerve?

She has invited you all.

Try to hold on until a rescue team arrives.

Anne has a horse.


You may make use of his library.


His bag was filled with water.


Have you ever sewed on a button?


Where are your people?

Please introduce me to Derek.

I'm old enough to look after myself.

The paper was beginning to peel off the walls.

I have no idea who you are.


The mother pulled her son to his feet.

Which do you like better, spring or autumn?

I can barely move.


This computer has a Pentium microprocessor.

I've cut myself.

Wait. I will pay for this.


Do you really think you can control Miriamne?

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That is the principle problem next to education.

Brian kept Kate waiting.

I'll get it tomorrow.

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All the cars in this garage belong to Elisabeth.


I only left him one message.

Lindsay began to make excuses.

It was believed that the earth was flat.

He won the prize for excellence in all subjects.

You shouldn't get married.

Aliens prevented a major war on Earth by hidden manipulation.

Everyone says that he's a good man.

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That game was rigged.

The train rolled out of the station.

Go ahead.


Maybe Doug saw something he shouldn't have.

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Audrey thought it was hilarious.


Have you decided what you'll do?

Be quiet, all of you.

It is often said that the world loses a language every week.

She lay on the bed with her eyes open.

Is that what it was?

As you have difficulties, I'll help you.

The students didn't want to tell anything to their parents.


We had an awesome time at the zoo.

"Her charm is beyond description!" the artist exclaimed.

America is the richest country in the world.


Betty and Vaughn seem to be enjoying each other's company.


I can't believe that you actually got into Harvard.


Do you want to know what your problem is?

Why don't you come in out of the cold?

What were you doing when I called this morning?

I could not buy the 3 sen stamp to put on the letter, so it ended up staying for many days on top of the tokonoma.

How are you going to pay for that?

I don't know why no one saw Dawson.

John has been collecting stamps since he was a child.

Somehow or other I found his house.

I received a letter from my friend.

It's impossible to fix it.

The longest night will have an end.


Things happen for a reason.

Can you get us some more ice?

The facts speak for themselves.

You are very handsome and always so strong.

She lives in an apartment.

Are you too cold?

This car has been used for the past ten years.


He is always being a nuisance.

Let's start here.

I want to be a Picasso.


What were you supposed to do?