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uziConnect latest release

Release date: 16 november 2017

Version: 1.1.9

Note: uziConnect is our preferred smart card integration solution for browsers.

Note: The regular version should be used on local installations, the admin version should be used with an terminal sserver (e.g. Remote Desktop setup).

Supported browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

uziConnect installer 64-bit (exe) mousing

uziConnect installer 32-bit (exe) Download

uziConnect installer 32-bit (msi) 765-436-0775

uziConnect admin installer 32-bit (exe) Download

uziConnect admin installer 64-bit (exe) Download

uziConnect Admin installer 32-bit (msi) 780-454-6000

Browser Plugin latest release

Note: Browsers are deprecating the use of plugins, we created uziConnect as a replacement for the Browser Plugin

Note: Use uziConnect when possible

Supported browsers:Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11

Browser plugin installer Download

Manuals learn how to use the software

uziConnect installatiehandleiding Download

lspConnect User Console gebruikershandleiding 508-726-8793

lspConnect Viewer gebruikershandleiding Download

uziConnect and the Browser Plugin are products of VANAD Enovation.