I'd like to strangle him.

Spock is an education major.

I don't think I'll ever sound like a native speaker and I don't really think I need to.

When I came to, I found myself in the hospital.

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He got across the river.

Patricia is playing poker with his friends.

I am quite all right now.


She was my first girlfriend.

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Thirty years ago, timber was the main industry here.

I'm trying to leave a little space for dessert.

I have to paint it.

What a beautiful bird it is!

If you can, remember to be good even to strangers; it is more useful than a kingdom to obtain friends well-earned.

Is gas available in this neighborhood?

Elsa wanted Saad to help him.

I think Lawrence is unfair.

May I have a look at that?

I don't usually take long baths but you're in and out in no time.

What do you need German for?


Violent words, no matter what their origin or motivation, can lead only to violent deeds.

You will soon get used to the climate here.

All you have to do is wash the dish.

I am laughing at you.

I knew you were behind it.

I more often go to Brussels than Paris.

What time will the train to Kyoto arrive?

One of you is lying.

I only have one request.

Terrance is talking on the telephone.

Johnnie had his piano tuned.

Doyle thought that Lois was asking too many questions.

I haven't had anything to eat for three days other than a stale sandwich, a rotten apple, and some spoiled yogurt.

That was a very good speech.

We're working to fix this bug.


What do you want to say?


He has a habit of sucking his pencil.


He was the only man.

Rafael often borrowed money from his friends.

Vishal is pretty adventurous.

Edith gave Michael a gold bracelet.

You love them, don't you?

Lyndon bought a bunch of inexpensive cameras to give to children who lived in his neighborhood.

The United Nations sent troops to intervene in the conflict.


You'd better go now.

Nothing is ever done here without dispute.

For all his faults, he is a good fellow.

She beat me. I had underestimated the power of a woman.

Try not to worry about me.

Do you still believe that?

There is a good argument for dismissing you.

Ranjit is a very fussy eater.

He found the box under the table.

Johnnie rebelled against school.

I'm going to Cristina's on Monday.

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We got an offer.

You are adding new names to the list, aren't you?

What's the minimum salary in Sierra Leone?

It was quite fascinating to see how these men were surviving.

Start the car.


"Is she reading a book?" "Yes, she is."

This is your victory.

His joke made us all laugh.

Several men got angry with Rajeev in the bar and Bonnie told them he wasn't afraid to take them on.

They'll do it.

The man went to pieces when the judge said he would have to go to prison for life.

I feel a strong attachment to this house.

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Ninja was boring.

I'm sure Irwin misses you, too.

I didn't want Annie worrying about me.

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What do you call your mother?


Rex ran past me.


You've been so kind.

Visit our website for additional information.

There's nothing left in the drawer.


I like vanilla ice cream very much.

We are all single.

And thus fades the glory of the world.

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I like yellow.

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We'll get you squared away.


Dimetry has to have an operation on his back.


I like chess.

If you climb up this mountain, you'll reach the lab.

Let me come to the ball; I, too, would like to dance.

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How was your test?

I was ready to.

Kiki had no way of knowing that this would happen.

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You may find your umbrella at the Lost and Found.

She is a native speaker of Dutch.

He can't help making fun of others.


For Calvin, God has already decided our fate.

Why are thoughts so hard to describe.

Six people applied for the job, but none of them were employed.

That accident is a good illustration of his carelessness.

Oranges are a seasonal fruit.

The death toll is nearly 500.

I asked my boss a salary advance.

I still haven't decided.

Walk fast so as to be in time.

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You were manipulating us.

I've got lots of ideas.

He's a ghostwriter.


This car is very expensive; in fact, it is the most expensive car I have ever seen.

It'll take us three, maybe four weeks at the most.

Izzy is miserly.

No security system is foolproof.

Randy insisted that he didn't do it.


I don't want to get angry, arguing with that guy on a subject which I don't know thoroughly.


He says we should go that way.

Let's begin with the fifth line on page 10.

I'm not doing anything wrong.


Many phrases that I think sound fine are considered unnatural by native speakers.

He pulled the wounded soldier to the nearby bush.

We should deposit this money in a bank.

He thinks they are too big.

You said you needed someone to protect you.

If you want to go with them, you must hurry.

You can't threaten me.


What are they armed with?

The equator divides the earth into two hemispheres.

What's the square root of 100?


You should not make little of the result.

Are there any issues we need to discuss?

Though he dieted, he still could not lose weight.

Why didn't you report it?

I didn't lie to you.


Lou is a friend of my friend's.

I trust my enemies more than my friends.

The former minister of energy was elected president on Sunday.

Naresh currently lives in Australia.

There were no resignations.

Evan was sure Sergei didn't know how to drive a car.

He sometimes visits me.


Nice to meet you, Mrs Jones.

Nicolo thanked everyone involved.

I don't know what Darren paid for it.

Does Iceland still need a distinct language from the one it officially sings ?

I found this when I was cleaning out my closet today.

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I think I'll walk back.

I was so happy.

You're the worst basketball coach this team has ever had.


Donn asked me to come back tomorrow.

From acorns come oaks.

I took my revenge.

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Thanks for letting me stay at your place.

I have been looking for a piano for my daughter.

Thank you for all you did for me that time.

Then we shouldn't have any problems.

Where did you want to take us?

If I had been in time for the train, I would be there now.

I'm not going to run for mayor.


I don't want him to be unhappy.

Our school stands on a hill.

I will illustrate the way people use language.

No matter who may call, you must not open the door.

Her story brought back our happy childhood.

Revised thought about it for a moment.

Be quiet during the course.

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Show me the way.

The white house is antique.

I worked hard.


We could choose ourselves what to talk about.

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Becky is going to be tired when he gets home.