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We would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by all staff during the last rain event. The endless hours that you all spent working on getting communities back on track, and the professionalism that you all have shown is greatly appreciated. Lets continue to work hard and improve Hidalgo County.

Internal Events

  • 110th Drainage District Celebration

    Take a look at the food, fun, and music

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  • All Hazard Conference

    Teaching our community about the role and importance of the Drainage Districtrs responsibilities.

    (815) 351-8864

Raul Sesin
General Manager
Jaime Salazar
Operations Manager
Lora Briones
Alvaro Chuc
Accounting Supervisor
Robert De Leon
M&O Director

Board of Directors
Noe Saldivar
Engineer III
Jorge Gonzalez
Engineer III
Omar Cano
Engineer III
Moises Salazar
Mike Kanto
IT Manager